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RFID, a New Way of Communication Between Companies and Clients


Trieste, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2011 -- Promotion Expo taking place at Milano from the 9th to the 11th with more than 16 thousand of square meters

This year in the Marketing and Promotion Fair focused, among other things, in the loyalty of clients with the companies the services related to the RFID and NFC technologies are a mainly part of the expectations and presentations.

The RFID technology, besides the RFID badge creation, offers the possibility of create a new generation of corporative presents and gadgets, developing at the same time a new way of communication between the companies and their clients. The information that could be transmitted has no more limits, images, video and customize messages could be included in the new promotional gifts, products' label and any kind of objects.

In the Fair, the company Infordata, specialist in card technology (card creation, usb smart card reader distribution and such), office automation, time attendance and automatic identification systems and a referent in the Italian RFID market, has developed together with the company Top Class Promotion a new use of the NFC technology.

This initiative will be publicized with a live demonstration that will allow visitors to understand the working and each detail of this new system. The aim of the exhibition is to show how the NFC technology can be used in a simple way instead of most of the people think which get scared only by listen its acronyms.

To involve visitors and encourage them to know more about this new application, Infordata (focused in the RFID readers writers technology) and Top Class promotion, with the Pomotion Expo's sponsor, have presented the first contest related to the use of contactless technologies, with instant winners!! Consists on a game with prizes called "Sfiora e Vinci" (touch and win), and we are sure that it will like to all the visitors no matter their age or characteristics.

The prizes are very attractive and according to what Marko Petelin, marketing director of Infordata, said to participate in the contest is as simple as filling out a form and discover if you just win or not.

"The contest called Sfiora & Vinci - explained Marko Petelin - will be the first contest in Italy of instant winning making use of the RFID technology integrated in the mobile phones through a Near Field Communication solution. Thanks to an exclusive agreement, players can win the very latest smartphone Nexus S with 2.3 Android and 30 travel bonus Evviva Vacanze!

This first contest making use of the RFID technology consists on filling up a registration form after what participants only need to leave their visit card in the stand and pick a "coin" with the RFID tag placed, to discover if a person has won it's only needed to put close the coin to the operator's mobile.

"For the assignation of the prizes we use a Nexus S – continued Petelin – which trough the Web connects itself to a Finance Ministry certificated software that will control the assignation. Almost instantly the mobile's display will show the result".

The RFID technology continues changing people's lives allowing a more direct and personal communication incorporating multimedia contents and extra services to make easier our lives through the contactless technology and to offer new channels for marketing and direct communication between companies and clients.

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