Aha-Soft Releases Perfect Automation Icons


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2011 -- Aha-Soft, a software product company established in 2000, is proud to announce the release of Perfect Automation Icons which is a collection of professional quality icons for software that is designed to provide automated processes. Perfect Automation Icons offer end users versatility and variety that helps to save time with software design.

Perfect Automation Icons is a brand new collection of bright, professional looking icons that can be used to add a refined finish to any software application user interface. Perfect Automation Icons include a wide variety of different icons in three display formats which include normal, disabled, and highlighted.

Normal format icons are standard icons that are used to indicate an enabled feature in a software application interface. Disabled icons are used to display a specific feature or functionality which is temporarily unavailable. Highlighted icons are used to indicate focus or an action on a specific function in the software application interface.

Perfect Automation Icons are provided in a variety of professional quality display resolutions which include 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels. Each icon is designed for the specific display resolution which provides an unmatched quality icon for the end users of the software application. The icons are also available in four major formats including ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP and two color variations consisting of 8-bit and 32-bit with an alpha channel. This makes it possible to start using the icons in a live application right ´out of the box´ with minimal of no modifications at all.

Perfect Automation Icons is a set of 176 carefully designed high-quality icons covering a wide range of topics. Careful design means that Aha-Soft has focused on creating a user friendly interaction between the end user and the software application interface. Although the icons are intended mostly for content management systems of all varieties, they are an excellent choice for software applications that provide automated processes and have a complex user interface. For example, the automated processes may involve house illumination, energy consumption, or controlled access to a home.

In many instances it can be quite costly to outsource the making of icons to graphic designers who command a hefty fee to create unique icons for software applications. The downside of this is that there is risk involved with not getting the icons drawn to specs and other problems and it is important to choose carefully if you decide to pursue this option. On the other hand, many of the ready made icons are inferior in quality and are not offered in the variety of resolutions and formats that are needed to make them work for a software application.

With Perfect Automation Icons, the opportunity to use professional quality stock icons in a diverse variety saves software designers time and money and spares the hassles associated with receiving a less than desirable result. By using Perfect Automation Icons this also eliminates concerns with royalties, copyrights, and the risk of having your icons look like those on other software applications on the market.

Most software developers must devote a significant amount of time on the application interface to ensure that they use the best icons that are appropriate for the functions of the application interface. Perfect Automation Icons are not only cost effective but they are also as striking and professional as custom made graphics. Additionally, all of the icons can be used to easily and quickly create your own icon library that will be at your disposal whenever you need graphics for your software applications.

All perfect icons are ready to download at http://www.perfect-icons.com/

About Aha-Soft
Aha-Soft is a commercial graphics company that specializes in the design and production of professional-quality icons and small graphics. These are delivered in a variety of collections or individual icon sets for royalty-free distribution on websites or embedded delivery within applications for Windows, MacOS, or Linux platforms and even for mobile applications on the iPhone or Android devices.

Founded in 2000, the company also specializes in development of icon editing software and design of royalty-free, readily available stock icons. The company owns several successful stock icon sites and offers a number of popular icon editing tools. Aha-Soft provides custom design services for icons and logotypes, and offers a number of royalty-free stock icons available to software and Web developers. For more information you can visit the company´s site at aha-soft.com.