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A best Instant messenger can deliver excellence to the world


Long Island City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2011 -- An instant messenger that can give pace to the business operation of today’s widespread corporate world, “Corporate digital Messenger” abbreviated as CD messenger is introducing as a revolution in the world of corporate innovations by Live2support, a company which has a renowned name in providing customer solutions to its huge list of clientele from all over the world. CD messenger is instant messaging software which can efficiently deliver a number of potential benefits to its users.

Instant is the definition of perfection:

In the era of competitive industry, the speed is the question to be solved to get the desired success in any business activity.

Operational planning needs the collaboration of every employ in the organization, but to coordinate with every employee is not very easy and fast, For fulfilling this purpose many companies use conventional method of office messaging majorly listed as office email and intercom which are not economical and fast at all times. The basis of inventing CD messenger software has laid on the rising demand for corporate messaging software.

An efficient way of reaching directly to every member of staff:

Today, world is going globally aware as a result of which the number of companies which have their offices all over the world is also rising gradually, this situation demands a software that can facilitate the interoffice communication through easy way out. Now coordinating with your co workers to get the work done in a couple of seconds has become very easy, fast and economical with newly introduced CD messenger software.CD messenger serves not only the function of office communicator but also act as catalyst in the present working operation of any company no matter small or big. Fully functional CD messenger is fast and effective to eliminate all the tribulations of today’s business world.

The reason behind many unusual problems among various departments and braches of any company is the lack of clear and efficient communication and coordination. A delay in conveying a right message at the right time can cause the severe damage to your business developing operations .Our goal is to touch the perfection and introducing speed to the current working operation of any industry from all over the world through this ultra modified messaging software for the purpose of inter personal corporate messaging.

CD messenger is more than just an instant messenger to enthrall the mind of the user; its dynamic features are huge and make it popular world widely.

• It saves time a lot of which is the need of every business organizational activities.
• User friendly approach
• Economical in nature
• Fast and effective
• Reliable technique
• Facilitates interoffice messaging
• Manage meeting and events avoid the risk of skipping your important plans.
• Group messaging system makes feasible to send office messaging to the whole team at one time.
• File transfer can be a feature which is primarily needed for any business function.
• Authentication is easy for any employ of the company
• To-do list provides you the way of keeping a record of your day to day business activities.
• Through Invite for conference feature, one can arrange an online conference in CD messenger anytime anywhere.

Through all above mentioned upgraded features, it has become a comprehensive instant messenger for any office or business operation.