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1st Eye Care North Arlington Introduces ChromaGen Lenses Study to Aid Dyslexia & Color Blindness

ChromaGen now offered at 1st Eye Care North Arlington.


Arlington, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2011 -- 1st Eye Care North Arlington, an Arlington eye doctor office, recently announced the introduction of a new lens technology, ChromaGen, to help improve the vision of their Dyslexia and color blind patients.

The patented diagnostic system is used by trained professionals for the management of dyslexia, color deficiency, dyspraxia (lack of coordination; clumsiness), and other learning related difficulties. ChromaGen is a system of eight colored haploscopic filters of a known density and color hue which, when prescribed to sufferers, has been proven to improve these disorders.

1 out of 2 persons suffering from reading problems associated with vision challenges will get some benefit from the ChromaGen™ technology. ChromaGen™ inventor Dr. David Harris has concluded from his years of work and study of dyslexics, that one out of two suffers of dyslexia could benefit from the ChromaGen™ system. ChromaGen™ does not involve surgery or chemicals, and has none of the traditional risks associated with medical devices and procedures.

In trials, over 97% of color blind people reported a significant enhancement to their color vision and their everyday lives. For people suffering from color deficiency or ‘color blindness’, ChromaGen™ haploscopic filters work by changing the wavelength of each color going into one or both eyes, which enhances color perception and color discrimination. Dr. Harris states “the filters alter the neurologically transmitted signals to the brain, re-synchronizing the magnocellular and parvocelluar neural pathways so that the brain receives the correctly balanced message.”

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