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Cypherbridge Systems Announces the AK200 Application Kit at Embedded Systems Conference:

A low power, low footprint approach to wirelessly secure payment transactions in embedded devices


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2011 -- Cypherbridge Systems today announced the availability of the AK200 Design Kit, providing a turnkey solution for the rapidly growing market for secure payment transaction Point-of-Sale Terminals.

Steve DeLaney, President of Cypherbridge Systems, looks forward to demonstrate the new Application Kit at ESC:

“The AK200 integrates the essential building blocks to deploy innovative transaction systems, accelerate time-to-market and jump start the path to revenue,” he says, explaining how the sample application puts up a TCP data call, secures the link with uSSL, then executes a sample credit card transaction.

The AK200 is adaptable to just about anything that needs a Point-of-Sale (POS) solution using TCP 802.11 or cellular wireless WAN, including power managed battery operated systems. The AK200 client is integrated with a leading 3rd party payment clearing house that handles the credit card authorization and settlement. A range of transaction models can be used including standard swipe, P2PE encryption, or hosted payments depending on business model.

POS Terminals can be centrally managed to vary time-of-day or event rates, track usage patterns, increase operator revenue, plus deliver improved self-diagnostic alerts and field service.

“We have seen a sharp increase in the demand to secure payments and communications in these types of embedded devices. The security requirements, however, are unfamiliar to many engineers, so that’s why we deliver not only the foundation SDK but also value-add expertise, guidance and customization to help integrate the solution,” says the Cypherbridge Systems President.

The industry proven uSSL embedded SDK provides the low-footprint MCU based security foundation, implementing SSL/TLS encryption and hash algorithms to connect with cloud-based transaction servers.

Electric vehicle charging stations, smart electric meters, and parking systems are recent examples of successful Cypherbridge implementations of the uSSL SDK standards based approach. Based on uSSL, the AK200 eliminates proprietary proxy servers, hosting and expense, resulting in a lower system capital and maintenance cost.

Low cost WLAN and M2M cellular modems deliver the connectivity between the terminal and internet. Using TCP offload into the wireless device reduces the memory footprint and cost for the system MCU.

AK200 includes a nationwide cellular data plan in partnership with Wyless Group, an M2M managed service provider. This project ready relationship eliminates the need to negotiate data service, and the resilient Wyless network ensures quality and coverage.

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