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Streamline Systems Looks at Project Costing Functionality


Greenwood Village, CO -- (SBWIRE) --05/11/2011 -- Equipment Manufacturers understand that job or Project Costing is one of those essential functions. A lack of insight into the cost of a job or project creates a myriad of issues - the most significant being the effect on revenues. A job order cost system to maximize profitability on each project is required for accurate, up to date information about every aspect of the job, not just for now but to leverage for future quoting and estimating.

Streamline Systems motto is: making manufacturers more competitive since 1994. The company has a single focus: Improving the businesses of Industrial Equipment Manufacturers. Providing business management solutions and business process improvements, Streamline Systems’ team of experts focus exclusively on state of the art technology to help equipment manufacturers become more efficient and competitive. Utilizing the robust functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX – an integrated end-to-end business management solution, Streamline helps clients gain market share, operate more efficiently and profitably.

The bottom line is, accurate job order costing is imperative to business success, without it, trends cannot be determined. Streamline Systems assists with:

Cost Estimating and Quoting
- Improving estimate structure so it is more in line with project structure
- Effectively utilize real time cost data when processing quotes.
- Enabling quick quotes based on standard configurations.
- Access accurate data from past projects to help build quotes for new products.

Cost Reporting and Analysis
Provide real time visibility into the actual cost of an ongoing project before it is complete, so business leaders can analyze and make adjustments as necessary, before the job exceeds the quoted price.

Giving insight into earned hours versus actual hours.

Allowing management of the cost impact of engineering revisions.

Providing functionality, change out variables, and ascertain the cost impact of a variety of changes.

Headquartered in Colorado, Streamline Systems (, follows a focused business strategy and proven approach when it comes to working with any client. According to Larry Cohn, Managing Director, “Over the years, we’ve developed verified methods that inject new value into the equipment manufacturers’ business. We provide the solutions, tools, and advice needed to transform their operations. We believe that every client is unique, and requires direct collaboration with a team of experts in order to receive the maximum amount of value for their investment. That is why we take the time to evaluate every clients distinct set of requirements before engaging, so we can be sure we are providing the highest value solution for their specific needs.”

Whether named project manufacturing, custom manufacturing, Engineer to Order manufacturing, Streamline Systems is well-versed in the unique set of business challenges faced by manufacturers involved in this process and understand the technology requirements that are quite distinct from repetitive manufacturing. From the complex quotation and order entry process, to long lead times and the potentially unprofitable service and installation aspects of the business process, optimal efficiency is essential or margins evaporate. Cohn insists, “Project manufacturers must ensure they capitalize on every opportunity, while simultaneously managing costs, and ensuring projects are accurately billed and collected.”

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Larry Cohn