Huge Cash Prize Offered to Winner of Forum Contest- Excited Users Jump on Board


Kent, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2011 -- In an effort to raise interest for their new website, howtobecome.infois announcing its new contest that will give a 10 million cash prize to the person with the best forum reputation over a pre-determined amount of time.

The website was first created as a medium for professionals to help aspiring students learn more about their dream jobs. Offering friendly advice is the basis for the website, and anyone who has questions or experience in a given field is welcome to participate.

According to a recent report, a record number of people are taking to the internet to research their dream jobs. This is especially true for fields that require some kind of extended education, such as degrees in the medical industry or in law. Pragmatic students are actively searching the internet, but until recently quality information from reputable sources has been difficult to come by.

This was the motivation behind Setting the platform for a question and answer dynamic between professionals and students, the forum is intended to be an information portal for any and all professions.

So far the competition has attracted quite a following; although the currency of the main prize is not know yet, 10 million cash is no small sum of money whatever currency it is in! It started on May 5th but it is still open to anyone who would like to join. In fact, participants can join at anytime, but those who get in first will have the highest probability of winning the grand prize.

Interested participants must first make an account with the website. Once they have set an account they are automatically given 10 reputation points which compound when others vote on their behalf. In an effort to keep the quality up, the administrators have chosen to reward quality over quantity, and a person’s “score” is dictated by their quality posts and reputation with others.

For Jason Sanders, who joined the competition at its opening: “This competition is great because it gets everyone involved. We’re already having interesting conversations, and as a firefighter my knowledge has already helped out a lot of people. My wife is becoming an RN and she hopes to find some professionals on the forum that can help her with her education/career choices. “How to Become” is a great website and I’m confident this competition will attract a lot of high quality, knowledgeable people.”

To learn more about, and to find out how to get into the running for the 10 million cash prize, please visit: