Spray Tanning Product Produces Golden Glow

Airbrush or spray tanning is the modern, safe way to tan


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) --05/18/2011 -- MyReviewsNow announces "Spray-Tanning Success", a new product that can provide a glowing tan without exposure to the sun’s dangerous UV rays. The new method is called airbrush or spray tanning.

The spray-on product provides a tan that is very natural looking, much like a natural tan. The advantage, according to the website’s owner is that “Spray tanning has no UV rays at all. The sun or a tanning bed exposes the sun worshipper to very strong rays that can cause cancer and drying and wrinkling of the skin.”

Spray tanning is done in a tanning salon, and the tan lasts about two weeks. There is no need to stay in the sun or in a tanning bed with this procedure.

The owner of the spray tanning success website noted that, “The spray tanning treatment is a little bit sticky at first, and it takes four or five hours for the spray to dry.” This means no showering or bathing for this amount of time.

When swimsuit season approaches, many of those heading to the beach or vacation spots want to have a dark tan. As one customer noted, “I will take this tanning method over tanning beds or baking in the sun any day!”

Tanning beds are known for giving a faster tan than sunbathing outside, but there is concern about possible damage to the retina of the eye while using them. It is not known if the goggles that are typically offered to clients actually protect the eyes from possible damage.

After a spray tanning session, sun screen is still needed to protect the skin from UVA rays even though the skin is tan. Sun screen not only prevents sun burns, but it also protects the skin from premature aging.

The fast growth and popularity of spray tanning also makes this a good small business choice for those who are willing to invest in the equipment and learn the process of this tanning method.