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Teach Your Children Or Students The Alphabet Using iCan ABC For iPhone And iPad

iCan ABC is available on the App Store for all iDevices in two versions and makes learning A,B,Cs for preschoolers much easier and fun


Oslo, Norway -- (SBWIRE) --06/03/2011 -- Monkeybin Studios announces the release of an educational app called iCan ABC. The app is designed for children of preschool level; and allows them to learn the alphabet much easier. It supports multiple languages with their own alphabets – US English, British English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish - so kids don't have to be from a specific country to take advantage of iCan ABC.

iCan ABC was designed for preschool-level kids from the get go with the help of teachers. The menus are straightforward and designed with simplicity in mind. The focus is on learning through interaction, rather than complicated set-ups or navigation. Kids will learn not just the order of the letters in the alphabet, but also how they look and sound. Visual letter hints can be turned off and that the vocals are recorded both as letter sounds and letter names. In school they tend to learn the sound of the letter before the name. This app aims to integrate the letters in their muscle memory so they can start putting them together with ease.

Although there is nothing to win or lose; and anyone really to compete against -- other than the kids competing with themselves -- iCan ABC is about fun. It can feel like they are playing a game. There are three modes of play that include uppercase, lowercase, and mixed case. Each of these in turn also has three modes of difficulty.


-Learning methods by pre-school teachers

-Designed by parents

-Developed by parents

-Tested on pre-schoolers

-Soothing music

-Graphics designed for the right ages

-Different gameplay for all stages of learning the alphabet

-Children safe game

-Professional vocals for all letters

Device Requirements:

-Requires an iDevice running iOS 3.1 or above

-53.2M of free space

Pricing and Availability:

iCan ABC is available on the App Store in two versions. The iPhone and iPod Touch version ABC can be purchased for $.99:

The iPad version called iCan ABC HD currently costs $2.99: