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RentUntilYouOwn.Com Announces 4 Quick Steps Towards Rent to Own Dream Homes


Santa Rosa, CA -- (SBWIRE) --06/02/2011 -- Individuals who are looking for lease to own houses need not search further because a new search engine is on the rise that features only rent to own homes all over the United States of America making home buyouts for lease to own options a lot faster and more convenient. is proud to announce that is now the country’s biggest search engine for lease to own houses and offers other services, information and resources to help any individual search for that perfect home. What started out as a site that aimed at exposing scams and other common traps that families fall into when renting out a home has now evolved into a site that offers not only tips on how to find avoid being scammed but also tips on where to find lease to own homes that are perfect for an individual’s family, what he or she needs to do to get approved, how people can improve their credit scores on the process and every little concern that families may have about rent to own houses.

Lease to own homes is a perfect opportunity for individuals who are not qualified to file for home loans but sincerely wants to become a homeowner. With lease to own homes, individuals can bargain a portion of the rent as a down payment on the lease option—a system which makes it a viable option for individuals who can’t produce a down payment. offers 4 Quick Steps towards renting your next dream home and it is specifically discussed on their website, with each step being as important as the other. Here are the steps:

1.Putting Together Your Profile. RentUntilYouOwn.Com states that mortgage companies checks out the “magic number” before any individual is approved for mortgage. That magic number is the middle score between the individual’s credit scores from the three credit bureaus. It is therefore important that individuals who want to file for home loans should check first their THREE SCORES from the THREE CREDIT BUREAUS.

2.Verifying Profile and Reasons Why Buyers Fail. After getting hold of credit scores, the individual should now check for any discrepancy that may be reflected in the three credit reports. Any slight inconsistency should be fixed because according to the site, one small difference in your score can affect your capacity to be approved for mortgage.

3.The Step You Must Take Before Moving In. –is don’t sign any contract yet unless you have a mortgage professional or a lender guiding you because these people can help you simplify the very complex (and otherwise confusing) process of lease to own.

4.Searching Homes and Calling Sellers. Probably the most exciting part of the entire process but RentUntilYouOwn.Com warns potential homeowners that these can be most frustrating because searching for lease to own homes can be very tedious. On this page, the owner, Cole Haynes, offers detailed advice on how individuals can search for homes that may be rented out, even offering advice on what questions should be asked to sellers that offer lease to own homes.

Individuals who have low credit scores can still own get a shot on their dream homes with rent to own opportunities and with a site as RentUntilYouOwn.Com, anyone can be a homeowner with less worries and fewer risks.

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We are using the rent to own method to buy and sell a lot of homes. This method was very interesting to me because of the market and how tough it as been the last few years to find a buyer who can qualify for a mortgage. We at offer the best advices and suggestions to the people who want to sell and buy houses. As there are a lot of scams regarding buying and selling homes, so our main purpose is to give full detials about pro's and con's.

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