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CCM’s Webinar to Disclose Sugar Alcohol Development in China


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) --06/14/2011 -- CCM, a China-based consulting company with rich experiences on sweeteners market research, recently announced that it will hold the first free sugar alcohol webinar on June 28th, 2011.

"According to CCM’s latest market report - Production, Market and Manufacturing Cost of Sugar Alcohol in China, global output of sugar alcohols in 2010 is about 1,620,000 tonnes. China, as one of the largest sugar alcohol producers, has an output of about 800,140 tonnes in 2010, accounting for 49.39% of the global total." The researcher from CCM said, “ China is a very important production base and market of sugar alcohols, that’s why CCM’s team wants to organize the online webinar to share with industry participants about CCM’s insight on sugar alcohols"

From 2010 to 2011, five sugar alcohol producers in China have plan to expand their production capacity, and some of them have finished in 2010. Among them, three sugar alcohol producers expand their erythritol production from 2010; One producer will build a new crystalline maltitol in 2011; One producer will extend its xylitol production line in the next few years in order to take up more domestic xylitol market.

"There are problems that hidden behind the capacity expansion, like rising production cost," Martina Huang, the speaker from CCM further explains, “ Corn supply is in tight, which rises the production cost of sugar alcohol, and it is the problem that sugar alcohol industry faces now. Our webinar will disclose what problems the industry is facing, and then give an estimation on how sugar alcohol development will be in the future based on CCM’s forecast model”

" The presentation covers 4 parts. First, I will present production situation of sugar alcohol in China at present. Second, I will present current problems of some kinds of sugar alcohol industry in China. Third, I will present forecast on sugar alcohol production and demand in China in 2011” Martina said. “ This webinar aims to share CCM’s knowledge, and we sincerely welcome any kinds of participants. Actually, Roquette has already registered to join this webinar, and some students and organizations have also registered for this webinar."

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