Marine WiFi Perfected With the WirieAP

Island Consulting, Inc. launches The WirieAP, a Long Distance Marine Grade WiFi Solution for Boats and RVs with Built in Access Point


Newburyport, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2011 -- Modern technology evolves and improves constantly, and Island Consulting, Inc., the company behind the long range marine WiFi system The Wirie, is not staying behind. As a result of months of research, testing, development, and collaboration with Alfa Network, Inc. (a leading provider of networking hardware), Island Consulting brings you a new product that will fulfill the needs of modern long-range WiFi users and that will blow the existing marine WiFi competition away. Introducing… The WirieAP.

The WirieAP uses most of the high-grade components of The Wirie and is still fully waterproof, but contains a wireless access point (router). This “hot spot” allows the customer to create his/her own local wireless network on their boat or RV. No Ethernet or USB cable is required and the unit is powered by a simple 12V DC electrical cable.

The WirieAP allows all WiFi enabled devices, like laptops, iPods, iPhones, chart plotters, and printers to connect to the local access point and in turn share the long range internet connection. Mark Kilty from Island Consulting, Inc. reports, “These days, most cruisers have more than one laptop onboard and iPods and iPhones have gained a lot of popularity. Now it is possible to use all those devices and share an internet connection with The WirieAP in an easy manner. Existing systems were overcomplicated and made this type of technology difficult for most users.” Information can also be shared among the different devices without needing access to the internet. The full potential of an onboard WiFi network is now easily accessible to all consumers.

The WirieAP is a wireless, long range marine grade solution that enhances the user’s ability to get online from the comfort of their own boat or RV without the use of complicated Ethernet cables. All that needs to be done is connect the system to the boat or RV’s 12V battery bank. No software is needed and a single user interface to manage both the onboard network and the long-range internet connection makes management of The WirieAP extremely simple.

Like the original Wirie, The WirieAP is built with high quality marine grade components. A one-year warranty and 10-day return policy are offered and suburb customer service is standard.

For the competitive price of $350 USD, The WirieAP will fulfill all WiFi needs while cruising and sailing by boat or while traveling and camping by RV. If a full wireless router is not needed onboard, The Wirie will continue to be available for $250. All existing Wiries are easily upgradeable to The WirieAP with The WirieAP upgrade kit. This kit, which comes with all hardware and detailed instructions, is available for $120 for a limited time, after which the price will increase to $150.

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About The Wirie and The WirieAP
Island Consulting, Inc. located in Newbury, Massachusetts, USA, manufactures and distributes The Wirie. The Wirie was invented in the Caribbean in April 2009 to provide a cost-effective, user-friendly, long range WiFi solution for boats and RVs. It was quickly expanded to a U.S. operation to allow a larger distribution. In June 2011, the company came out with The WirieAP, a new and innovative product with a local access point that allows all WiFi enabled devices to share the internet connection and provide an onboard wireless network. Island Consulting, Inc. is committed to continuous improvements and to making sure every customer is extremely satisfied. Website:

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