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Rothschild Safaris Launches New Website

Rothschild Safaris launched a new website and the company stated that they will provide newer sites in the near future. The new website was intended to provide information on some of the services offered by Rothschild Safaris.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) --06/24/2011 -- Rothschild Safaris recently launched a new website to help provide some basic information on the services that they provide. The company also stated that they have plans of creating more websites in the near future.

People who are looking for the best trip to Africa can consider Rothschild Safaris. There are a lot of reasons why Rothschild can be the best choice. Leora Rothschild, the founder and owner of Rothschild Safaris, was born and also raised in South Africa. Since she was a native of the country, she knew every possible corners of the country. She already explored wonderful places in the continent. Leora also spends several months every year to return to the best places in Africa. She makes sure that the standards of the Safaris are well maintained. Until now, she is still finding wonderful places that can add up to the places that she already discovered.

As what the company said, no one knows Africa more than Leora Rothschild. She knows Africa more than the other operators in the continent. This is probably the reason why people must consider the services of Rothschild Safaris. About 15 years ago, Leora decided to establish her own safari after seeing some of the best places in the continent. She traveled the whole continent and decided to share with others some of the life changing wonders of the continent.

The expertise possessed by the staffs can provide a more detailed kind of service to their client. They check all of the hot spots in Africa and see to it that the camps, lodges and reserves are still of good quality.

The company never provide prepackaged tour booklet asking the clients to simply pick a trip that they want. The company work hand in hand with the traveler depending on the specific location that they want and the Rothschild Safaris customize each of the request of their clients revolving around the budget that they have and their previous traveling experience.

They work together with different guides, camps and lodges in Africa and look for middlemen so you can save more money. Another best thing about them is that they plan for different types of travelers. Like what is said earlier, they can provide trips for single people, honeymooners, family, adventurous travelers, educational travelers and many more. They can accommodate any kind of traveler.

The website also contains some of the experiences of their clients with regard to the services that they provided.

About the company
Rothschild Safaris can provide the ultimate luxury safari with private guides depending on the preference of their clients. They can arrange safaris for honeymooners, families, single travelers, adventurous travelers, educational organizations, incentive travels and many more. They can custom design a safari depending on the needs, wants and budget of the customers.