Release the Stress with Fun, Laughter & Creativity Holidays at Cortijo Romero, Spain

Bring back the fun and laughter, its life’s best medicine. As Charlie Chaplin said, “a day without laughter is a day wasted.” At Cortijo Romero we agree; we just happen to think fun and laughter is best served warm, in Spanish sunshine. This is a unique holiday centre where the authentic self is welcome! This season the centre has two specially designed courses using a variety of time-tested methods to get our guests laughing.


Amersham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- The team at Cortijo Romero has a passionate wish to give its guests the opportunity to remember how wonderful it is to feel liberated and free. Once remembered how good this feels, it’s the best holiday souvenir to take home.

There isn’t a person on the planet who needs any scientific evidence to know that laughter is good for us. There are reams of news articles and web sites extolling the positive health benefits; how laughter improves the immune system and neutralizes the harmful effect of stress. Yet there is nothing like the real thing, as we all know, it feels great to have a good laugh. But sometimes our days are so busy and stressful that we can actually forget how.

The freedom of our inner joy is part of who we really are and what makes us feel alive. It is so easily suppressed by others and often disowned by ourselves. It is not difficult to join the rest of the adults with serious faces ploughing on through life and wondering what it’s all about.

If there is a sense of life just passing by with not enough fun, a week at Cortijo Romero could be the answer. But what if the thought of a week of fun and laughter sounds intimidating? This is no joke, for some the chuckle muscle is under-developed and the ‘serious switch’ stuck in the “ON” position. But to laugh is the rediscovery of child-like pleasures, a reconnection with the self.

The course leaders at Cortijo Romero are there to support everyone, with exercises, games and many years’ experience, in this challenging yet incredibly rewarding process of peeling off the layers we have accumulated over the years and getting in touch with our innate magnificence. As Robert Frost said, “If we couldn’t laugh we’d all go insane.”

Reasons to be Cheerful – staying sane in a mad world

29th June – 6th July with Alison Goldie

This course incorporates some of the best drama and improvisation games and exercises, combined with activities that have been proven to reconnect us to the playful energies of fun and laughter. The week will include: dancing, stretching, painting, singing, creative writing and mucking about. There will be other specialists offering yoga, tai chi, an excursion to ancient villages and a variety of massage sessions.

Serious Fun! Does what it says on the tin!

3rd – 10th August with Kinny Gardner

A relaxing week of fun, mime, dance, masks, fans, clowning and theatrical silliness. Kinny will hold the group in a highly supportive atmosphere to explore, play, perform, be childlike (but not childish). Recognise the absurdities, let out the hidden sides of the self and build resilience – by celebrating connections and differences. Finally, ground these experiences and take them back into everyday life.

The centre staff each have many years’ experience in yoga, personal development and other workshops, and can offer advice and support on courses and other aspects of the work at Cortijo Romero: Call 01494 765775.

About Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero is nestled in the glorious mountains of the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain. For 20 years it has been run as a personal development centre committed to giving people much more than just a wonderful holiday. An idyllic location, hidden within an ancient olive grove and cradled by magnificent mountains, Cortijo Romero is the perfect setting to unwind and discover your truth. One guest at the centre said “My life will never be the same…” Maura Wheeler

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