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Relevant New Book, Written as if Obama Was Talking Directly to the Nation, Exposes President's Inability to Manage Government

Written by Brian P. Noonan, ‘The Failed American Presidency’ fuses poetry and prose to depict Obama ‘admitting’ his own leadership flaws. Cutting through the media hype, PR spin and sugar-coated public opinion, Noonan’s bold words showcase what President Obama has done and what he really stands for. The book is told from a first-person perspective, offering a fictionalized version of an exchange Mr. Obama will likely never make public.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- With the 2014 midterms already sending the media and PR machines spinning, millions of Americans will soon be faced with making a choice for who will be put in positions of power In Washington, DC. President Obama’s political philosophy will once again be publicly framed as the perfect and progressive choice for picking the right candidates for office. Seeing what Obama has done to this country, author Brian P. Noonan, whose new book offers a compelling insight into the real President Obama, wants to make sure voters don’t elect an Obama clone to Congress in 2014 or in future Presidential elections.


Obama. Love him? Hate him? Do you really understand him? First time author, Brian P. Noonan, tackled this last question with the release of his ebook, "The Failed American Presidency". Looking back on President Obama's five years in office reveals a person clothed in the red, white and blue but his actions tell a completely different story.

The ebook, a collection of poetry and prose, is a condensed history of a President’s inability to manage the government and country as he pushed his questionable agenda on an apathetic public. The story is told as if Obama himself was talking directly to the American voters and truthfully telling them what he is really all about and what direction he is taking the country. This is why his legacy is about to become a failed American Presidency.

As the author explains, it’s vital for the nation to understand the real person behind the walls of The White House as well as those in Congress.

“Voters need to look beyond the media hype of a ‘favored’ candidate and determine for themselves if this is the right person for America and its citizens. Failure to do so will result in electing someone cut from the ‘Obama mold’ and America will continue to decline in stature as the world leader,” says Noonan.

With the book expected to be in high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible after release.

‘The Failed American Presidency’, published by BPN Publications, is available now from most major eBook retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo (available soon on Apple).

For more information and book excerpts, visit: http://www.bpnpublications.com.

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