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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- Telar Inc. is committed to providing highly specialized engineering, project management and architectural services to customers from Canada. This consultancy service provider aims to identify the needs and requirements of clients, for the purpose of delivering appropriate solutions. The team of expert staff at Telar caters to the needs of diverse clients with passion, dedication, experience, knowledge and skill.

With professionalism and expertise, Telar guarantees to deal with commercial as well as residential structures. In order to cope with the frequently changing building techniques and methods, the staff members of this service provider are given various learning opportunities. The designs by Telar are said to be incorporated with features like durability, functionality, low cost and beauty.

The service from Telar Building Industry Consultants includes architecture, structural engineering, electrical engineering, project management and mechanical engineering. Complete information on various services delivered is made available to prospective clients via the website The company is also involved in pursuing research and development for improving the quality of services offered.

The scientifically proven approaches for construction technology enable clients to save time, money and effort. Telar is said to be focused on implementing strategies and policies for construction, which are cost-effective yet innovative. All services offered are expected to be delivered with the highest quality and maximum possible value.

The website says, “Our team is comprised of multidisciplinary professionals who are continuously learning and adapting to the changes occurring in the industry so that our clients’ expectations will always be met.”

The extended service offerings of this consultant cover new low-rise and high-rise buildings, renovation facilities, permits, drawings, 3D modeling/animation, color design, commercial building, residential building and other institutional building documentations, and so on. In the frenetic pace of present-day life, only modern technology and innovative methods can deliver the desired results to residential as well as commercial clients.

The highly advanced and reliable services of Telar guarantee to satisfy almost all unique and specified construction and designing needs. In addition, simulation project finishing, project management and other site services are also provided to meet the requirements of clients. Prospective customers can register at the website for receiving service subscription. More information on the services of this consultant can be obtained from the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and social media pages of Telar.

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Telar Consultants Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive and optimized solutions to customers from the building industry. The expectations of diverse clients are met through advanced industrial applications and innovative technical tactics.

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