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Haryana, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2012 -- The Vedas and scriptures have the power of predicting life’s happenings and also would provide an insight into the way it can be transformed. Although the concept is debatable, the fact remains that the nature has a way of influencing the life of a human. Vedic astrology, numerology and Chinese astrology preach the same concept and have determined ways of bettering life’s prospects through Vedic remedies that can be followed easily.

India is a land of saints and astrologers however it is hard to find the reliable one and often the process is time consuming. Bello Jewels is an online jewelry store and are specialists in catering to Indian and worldwide customers in finding the gemstones that are suggested according to the Jyotish and the Vedas. This is the only store that houses a wide range of gemstone collection starting from planetary gemstones, ayurveda gemstones, alternative gemstones, nine gemstone, Jyotish gems, pukhraj, manik, panna, gomedh, lahsuniya, and navratan stone. The store also offers special range of loose gemstones and gemstones set in necklaces, earrings and finger rings. The rashi or the birth star also plays an important role in determining the stone that is a fit for the person. Bello Jewels provides gemstones according to Rashi and also provides astrological stones and gems.

For those who are new to astrological readings and Vedic readings can even utilize the consultation services extended by the site. Whether it is a Jyotish or a free online calculator, both the services are made available for customers from anywhere. The free gemstone recommendation software that is enabled on the site provides great assistance in locating the gemstone and also placing the order for it. As a store that has been operating in the market for ages, all the gemstones shopped here come with assurance. The store is also PayPal verified so international customers can also place orders without any hesitation. Bello Jewels is recognized as the best source of astrological gemstones and Vedic gemstones in India. To check out the Jyotish services and Vedic gemstones that are made available, log onto or contact +(91)-9555149149 (India) / 1-855-835-GEMS(4367) (USA/ Canada) for personalized assistance today!

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Reliable Jyotish and Vedic Gemstone Shop in India
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