RemarkaMobile Announces First-Ever Mobile Marketing 100% Affiliate Commission Program

“The mCommerce Blueprint” from RemarkaMobile provides Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with revolutionary strategies to build a targeted, effective mobile list and receive 100% affiliate commissions to refer sales


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- With more than 240 million mobile subscribers in North America and more than 2 billion worldwide, tapping into mobile marketing should be on every business owner’s mind. To help businesses make the leap to mobile before it’s too late, RemarkaMobile, the leader in “mobile list-building”, announces “The mCommerce Blueprint” video and report, a wealth of information on mobile marketing strategies coupled with the first-ever 100% affiliate commission program in the Mobile Marketing space.

Inside this exclusive video presentation and accompanying free report, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners will discover the secrets to successful “mobile list building” and explore RemarkaMobile’s unique, 100% affiliate commission program. Those who decide become Affiliate Partners (optional) and spread the word, receive 100% commission on every sale of the RemarkaMobile mobile list-building system they make, every month.

“Imagine having your own mobile list-building system so that you can meaningfully connect with prospects where they are most, on their mobile devices”, said Andrew Cass, Co-Founder of RemarkaMobile. “Now, imagine all of that at your fingertips plus, an affiliate program that pays 100% commissions on every sale you make, every month.”

Unlike most other 100% affiliate commission programs, RemarkaMobile never shaves commissions after the first month and never requires pass-up or give-away sales. RemarkaMobile has created a unique formula for showing their serious and most committed Affiliate Partners how to get to $7,679 per month with only 100 customers. This is a huge breakthrough in the Affiliate Marketing arena.

“We created RemarkaMobile’s 100% affiliate commission program because we were tired of seeing so many programs claim they pay 100% commissions when they really do not. It’s somewhat disturbing”, said Cass. “When the math was done, the majority of affiliate programs that claim to pay 100% commissions were actually only paying 50% to 70% commissions.” Instead of misleading people, RemarkaMobile’s 100% affiliate commission program pays 100% commissions on every front-end sale every month. This is true residual income.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs will appreciate the RemarkaMobile system’s innovative mobile marketing strategies and sharp, consistent weekly content plans. It gives business owners the exposure they need while creating an image of authority and building brand trust. The 100% affiliate commission program makes sharing the good news about RemarkaMobile’s mobile list-building system that much more rewarding.

Forward-thinking Entrepreneurs and Business Owners interested in getting in front of the Mobile Revolution by building solid mobile prospect and customer lists and enjoying long-term, compounding affiliate income should watch “The mCommerce Blueprint” video presentation and get the free report by visiting:

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