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Remind Memo - Online Reminder System

Remind Memo is a web-based software designed to remind users or clients of their appointment effectively.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- Scheduling appointments and setting reminders may get tiresome sometimes. Now, there are many scheduling software that can schedule the appointments of the users and notify them in time. However, this requires users to keep such software running all the time. Remind Memo is a web-based application that can schedule appointments and remind users, as well as their clients, about the fixed appointments.

Remind Memo features text messaging service, by which the application can send text reminders of appointments to the users’ clients. According to the company, appointment scheduling is relatively easy with Remind Memo, which can also send reminders via voice calls or emails. “You can personalize every reminder sent to your clients, and all you need to do is set appointment reminders scheduling which should take only a few seconds,” says the company, adding that the application will also notify users if their clients confirm the appointments in the reminders sent to them.

The automated appointment booking software can be of use to doctors, patients, office managers and receptionists. It can also be used by service based businesses such as plumbers, exterminators, carpet cleaning services and others. The salon appointment software also notifies users if the clients to whom the reminders are sent, require call backs to change the schedule of their appointments. The company explains that the schedule can be set in a matter of seconds, freeing up a lot of free time for the users. The company also answers to security related questions of the application, mentioning that the remind software packs advanced security measures to make sure that the user’s data are protected, with the aid of the server infrastructure of Amazon Web services.

The Remind Memo website explains all the features of the web-based application. The company also adds that the product is free and doesn’t require credit cards. To sign up and use the application, or to learn more about it, visit the official website.

About Remind Memo
Remind Memo is a web-based automated appointment reminder application that makes appointment scheduling a hassle free process. The fully HIPPA Compliant application guarantees confidentiality and privacy for the users’ data, using 256-bit SSL encryption by RapidSSL. The company promises that the application was designed to reduce no-shows via automated text, voice call or email reminders. Users can opt for any of the three reminder methods, by considering the preferences of their clients. Remind Memo is a free service, that also prompts the users’ clients to, either confirm or reschedule their appointments. It then notifies the users accordingly.

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