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Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2013 -- Rescheduling appointments can be a bothersome task for both the client and the service provider. A large amount of time that could have been spent otherwise on important duties is consumed in this task. Remind Memo is a fail-proof system that reminds clients of their appointments through an online procedure.

This process is carried out in three steps: scheduling the reminder, automated sending of the reminder, and (non)confirmation of the appointment by the client. This system has been proved to be very effective for improving the attendance and for confirming “no shows” of clientele, thereby increasing the revenue in business. The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne has this to say about text reminders, “Our study demonstrated that sending appointment reminders in SMS text message format to the mobile telephones of patients or their carriers is an efficient and effective means of improving attendance at outpatient clinic appointments. We found that the FTA [Fail to Attend] rate in our hospital’s outpatient clinics was significantly lower in a group sent an SMS text reminder compared with a similar group not sent a reminder (14.2% vs. 23.4%).”

Remind Memo sends customers automatic text reminders, voice calls, and emails even if the appointment is months ahead with efficient appointment scheduling. It creates discrete and personalized messages to ensure privacy. Appointments are scheduled by using an appointment booking software. The schedule is then confirmed by means of the text messaging service and reminder software. Bradley M. Block, MD explains the benefits it has brought into his private medical practice, “When our four-physician practice purchased the reminder system, our no-shows totaled more than 100 visits per month. After using the reminder system No-Shows are down by more than 50 visits per month. Now that we have a reminder system we feel more justified in charging no-show fees for an additional $6,000 a year in income.” Another example of the same is a salon booking software which has found many patrons.

An advantage of Remind Memo is that it is accessible from any part of the world. The company is also committed to the security of the information it handles. The online connection is encrypted using leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. It has also set in place multiple backups, which ensures that data is never lost. For more details about the services offered, log on to

About Remind Memo
Remind Memo is an online service portal that helps medical practices, professionals, contractors, service businesses, or any small business keep their schedules packed and up-to-date by reducing or eliminating no-shows. Automated voice phone reminders, text reminders, or reminder emails are used for this purpose, according to the preferences of the client.

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