RRA Solutions

Revolutionary Technology Remotely Detects Security Threats

A revolutionary new video-analysis technology offered exclusively by The RRA Center can remotely and automatically identify individuals who pose security threats using standard video imagery.


El Paso, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 -- The Remote Credibility Assessment System (RCAS) is being offered after extensive laboratory and field testing confirmed its technical validity and ability to perform under a variety of conditions. The patented technology uses a new type of primary image, which when analyzed identifies potential threats and other human psycho-physiological characteristics. According to Commander Ivan Ortega of The RRA Center, RCAS technology can be used for threat identification and credibility assessment. "RCAS technology makes use of standard video-imaging technology, such as existing video surveillance systems, and provides the capability to remotely and automatically evaluate psychological and physiological states such as aggressiveness, agitation and stress in real time. RCAS can even detect potential security threats from a crowd."

"RCAS technology can be used at public gathering locations, such as movie theaters, shopping malls, sports arenas, universities, airports and other venues where there is a risk of encountering unexpected and, at times, life threatening situations. Further, the system can be deployed with military units to discreetly identify threats posed by individuals encountered during military operations, as well as insider threats. The technology can also be used to identify internal and external threats to embassies, government facilities, border crossing points, and other high security locations. The widespread deployment of RCAS technology will provide security officials with the capability to identify threat situations before they spiral out of control, so that appropriate measures can be taken to avert crisis situations."

"RCAS can also be used for credibility assessment, and has been shown to meet or exceed the capabilities of current credibility assessment technologies, but with the added advantage that no sensors are attached to individuals during interviews or discussions. This allows interviews to be conducted under a variety of conditions that are not possible using traditional credibility assessment systems. Businesses can use RCAS to monitor important negotiations, and agencies such as the FBI and CIA could determine the credibility of intelligence assets and others without their knowledge. Such a capability would be invaluable for Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence operations. And, of course, the police could use RCAS as an investigative tool to assist with criminal investigations."

"It is my understanding the US Department of Homeland Security has invested tens of millions of taxpayer's dollars over a period of several years with a consortium of US universities under a project called 'BORDERS' to create a new threat detection and credibility assessment system. So far this academic research has not produced a fully mature and deployable system that can be used for widespread field operations. Rather, it has created a highly complex system-of-systems, that uses multiple sensors, some of which are unreliable and prone to considerable error. RCAS is available today and can outperform any existing remote threat detection system. Further, we are willing to go head-to-head in field testing with any system or technology that claims to have capabilities similar to RCAS. The RRA Center welcomes discussions with potential RCAS users worldwide."

The first RCAS training and certification course is planned for early 2013. To learn more about RCAS visit http://www.rcasimaging.com.

For further details about The RRA Center and its unique technologies and services, Commander Ivan Ortega can be contacted directly at 915-443-7722 or by email at ivanortega@rrasolutions.com.