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Mexican Police Arrested for Kidnapping and Murder Passed Anti-Corruption Polygraph Exams

New Technology Proposed for Police Anti-Corruption Screening


El Paso, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- The 2012 kidnapping and subsequent murders of several individuals by Mexican police made worldwide news because this brutal crime was captured on video. Although the world has grown accustomed to shocking reports of Mexican police collaborating with Drug Cartels, it has seldom seen Mexican police corruption in action. The surveillance video opened the world's eyes to Mexico's major failures in providing basic police and public safety protections to its citizens.

According to Commander Ivan Ortega of the RRA Center, it is well known that police officials who were involved in this crime had undergone and passed "Confidence Control" polygraph examinations. The "Confidence Control" program was implemented by the former Secretary of Public Safety for Mexico, a well-known supporter of polygraph, who depended heavily on polygraph tests to evaluate corruption by police officials. Commander Ortega, a world renowned Credibility and Risk Assessment expert, confirmed the Mexican federal polygraph program repeatedly failed over a six year period for a number of reasons, including: polygraph is an obsolete technology; polygraph is easy to defeat; and polygraph's ambiguous results can be manipulated by corrupt "insiders." Commander Ortega supports the use of newer technologies that are far more advanced, automated, and that do not involve subjective judgments by government bureaucrats who are susceptible to bribery, corruption and other criminal influences.

"There have been hundreds of cases across Mexico where the polygraph failed to detect corrupt police officials. This is not surprising since recent official US Government reports by US military polygraph examiners confirm the polygraph is incapable of effectively and accurately screening individuals for security related issues." Commander Ortega further stated "Institutional corruption, or the breakdown of honor, integrity and ethical standards, is a cancer that can only be eliminated by major changes in senior and mid-level police leadership and years of concerted anti-corruption efforts. Further, new technologies and processes must be implemented to identify the most honorable men and women to serve Mexico as police and security officials. By objectively identifying individuals who possess qualities such as honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and the desire to serve Mexico, the country can make long overdue anti-corruption reforms so its citizens will once again have confidence in their police and security officials."

Commander Ortega advised Remote Risk Assessment (RRA) technology can automatically, objectively and accurately evaluate human trust and risk factors. "RRA is unique due to the simplicity of its interview process, the fact the system is totally automated, and RRA interviews can be conducted in 10 minutes or less. RRA can conduct thousands of trust and risk assessment interviews per day, which makes it ideal for screening Mexico's police and security officials. Further, it was designed to be applied "virtually," which makes it far more efficient and cost effective than any other credibility assessment process available today. There is no other technology, system, or process in existence that can massively, rapidly and accurately screen individuals for trust and risk factors. Unlike the old fashioned polygraph, RRA is a 21st Century technology that can be immediately applied to anti-corruption screening operations in Mexico. My conservative estimate is that RRA could screen all of Mexico's 700,000 police officials is less than two years. Polygraph could not even screen 25% of Mexico's police in six years and its results were dismal." Commander Ortega also noted RRA's technology has been scientifically proven and it has achieved accuracy levels greater than 95% during large-scale trust assessment interviewing projects.

For further details Commander Ivan Ortega can be contacted directly at 915-443-7722 or by email at ivanortega@rrasolutions.com.