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New Technology Offers Solution to US-Afghan Military Security Troubles


El Paso, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2012 -- The RRA Center, the developer of the world's first fully-automated trust assessment system, advised its technology could help reduce violent attacks on US soldiers by members of the Afghan National Security Forces.

Known as "Green on Blue" attacks, these assaults have killed or wounded over 120 US military members serving in Afghanistan since 2007, as well as dozens of NATO members. This matter is considered so serious that the NATO Commander for Afghanistan, US General John Allan, recently testified about its impact to the US Senate Armed Services Committee. General Allan stated his belief that the "vetting" process used by the Afghan National Army and Police has improved. However, despite efforts to eliminate so called "insider" threats from the Afghan Security Forces, the attacks continue.

Commander Ivan Ortega, The RRA Center's Director of Operations, has reviewed the publicly released NATO and US documents about an "eight step vetting process" used to investigate Afghan Security Force members and has found the procedure to be inadequate. Ortega stated, "Based on the information I reviewed about the vetting process used to scrutinize members of the Afghan Army and Police, I am certain the level of enemy infiltration is much higher than reported. There are no unbiased credibility assessment security evaluations of these individuals being conducted at any point during the vetting process. I find this to be tragic, since the US Government is the largest user of polygraph technology in the world. In fact, the National Center for Credibility Assessment, a US Defense Department organization, is responsible for the polygraph training program for the US Government. They have trained thousands of credibility assessment experts in the use of various polygraph technologies. I am personally shocked that the US Department of Defense is not taking this matter more seriously and applying all available credibility assessment resources to stop these unnecessary attacks on US military members. In fact they have spent many millions of US taxpayer dollars from the DoD budget to create and field a new technology called PCASS that was designed to address this specific problem. Apparently PCASS has not lived up to its expectations."

Ortega stated the goal of the Remote Risk Assessment (RRA) service is simple: To evaluate trust and risk levels of individuals in sensitive positions who could be susceptible to corruption, criminal activity or other behaviors that adversely impact upon their suitability, loyalty or trustworthiness.

Commander Ortega explained "What makes RRA truly unique is the simplicity of the interview process and the fact the system is totally automated. The RRA system can conduct hundreds-to-thousands of trust assessment screening interviews per day, which makes it ideal for vetting individuals applying to join the Afghan Military or Police. There is no other technology, system, or process in existence that can massively screen individuals for trust and risk factors in such short periods." He also noted the RRA system has already proven its accuracy rate to be greater than 95% during actual trust assessment interviews.

For more information visit http://www.rracenter.com/ to watch a video about the RRA process or listen to an actual RRA interview. For further details about The RRA Center, Commander Ivan Ortega can be contacted directly at 915-443-7722 or by email at ivanortega@rrasolutions.com.