Joe Bragg Explains How Remote Utilities Software Simplifies Remote Assistance


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Today, technology has reached a point where IT support staff rarely need to be in the same room as the client in order to solve a computer problem. Instead, most supports tasks can be performed by a remote command center using a wide range of centralized software tools. Remote support has been made easier with cloud technology, which allows tech support workers to access important data from anywhere in the world.

A new remote support software program that calls itself “The Swiss Army Knife of Remote Computing” aims to simplify remote support even further. At, visitors can learn everything they need to know about the software program and its usefulness, including a detailed explanation of how remote assistance works as well as a description of how the software makes remote support significantly easier.

Specifically, the Remote Utilities software suite gives tech support workers a range of tools they can use to access file servers and PCs across the company network. The software allows workers to connect to another computer for on-demand support without the need for port forwarding, making it easy for a single administrator to provide remote support to an unlimited number of people over the internet without configuring any routers. Instead of configuring router settings, administrators only need to know the ID of the computer along with its access password in order to remotely access that system.

A spokesperson for explains some of the other advantages offered by the software suite:

“The goal of our software is to make the jobs of remote tech support staff as easy as possible. To do that, we allow technicians to remotely access computers using several special modes, including View Only mode, Terminal mode, and Power Control mode, each of which gives the technician different levels of access. In Power Control mode, for example, the technician can turn off the computer’s display, turn off the system, and even reboot into safe mode while maintaining a secure connection with the computer.”

Visitors can learn about all of the advantages of the Remote Utilities software by visiting The website features detailed descriptions of all tools included with the software. The software is also completely free for personal use, and anyone can download a free software trial that is fully functional for thirty days.

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