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Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2015 -- Removals Interstate is a company that has always been providing customers with a professional service, getting them to their new homes anywhere across Australia now for the last 16 years.

They have been driven to provide a reliable and efficient service by using the experience they have gained being in the industry for such a long time in combination with always using top condition packaging and safety materials to ensure the goods are treated with the utmost care whilst in transit.

"We know that our industry has a bit of a bad name against it when it comes to the way that some of my competitors handle their customers belongings. I have never wanted to be a removalist who people are turned off moving with because of how other customers have had their goods treated. I always check that every customer is happy with how their goods are loaded, and I also follow up with them a while after the move to ensure that they got all their goods and they are happy with their condition." explained the lead driver at Removals Interstate.

He continued, "I will always take the time to make sure that every single customer is happy with the service, it might mean a little more work for me, but my reputation and the reputation of the company I work with is something that means a great deal to me, so I will always put in the effort to check that the customer is happy and everything is satisfactory, and I doubt that is something that most of the competition out there bothers to do."

Removalists across the board generally get a pretty bad wrap as far as how they deal with customers, it doesn't take long searching the internet too find some serious horror stories. Removals Interstate takes dealing with this as a personal agenda. The fact that they even contact their customers after the move to check that they're happy is more than almost any other removalist would ever bother to do. Most drop the customers goods off, and never think about them ever again.

"I believe that as long I and my fellow drivers continue to actually treat our customers with the respect that they deserve, then we will continue to have constant customers wishing to move with us. In my opinion the fact that we take our customer service just that little further with every customer shows that we are serious about maintaining our image as a quality removalist who actually cares about the service we provide."

This mentality that the drivers at Removals Interstate have taken shows that they are truly committed to providing the best possible service that they can. "What is the point in working poorly and getting a bad name for yourself online and within the local communities when you rely on them both for your income. We would rather be a small time team that people can know will treat their goods with care rather than some big company that is totally careless with its customers once their off the truck."

Removals Interstate is a company that clearly cares about their customers goods, and the opinion of the customers about them.

About Removals Interstate
Removals Interstate is a company that prides itself in ensuring that the normally stressful moving process is handled with ease and professionalism. With their years of experience they are always ready to provide a wonderful service to any who need to relocate themselves across Australia. Their base of operations is Brooklyn in Melbourne however they provide services all areas of Australia.

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