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Remove Complaints Board Provides Cleanup to Negative Online Reputation and Reviews

Offering representation for victims of online abuse, works to remove offensive content and not just suppress it, to help clients can start fresh with a clean online reputation.


Irving, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- The Internet has, without question, become the ultimate platform for free speech that can benefit yet also damage a business’s reputation. From online reviews to lack luster complaints, many irate customers take to the virtual world to share their personal views. While some can be seen as truthful, some unscrupulous parties can cause a stir with a simple post and a click of a mouse.

Online attacks thrown against a person or group of persons, a product or a service online have become a daily staple on the news. Businesses have become victims of often unfair, unfounded accusations that appear slanderous or defamatory towards their brand or personal name.

As the problem of online abuse ballooned into a sensational issue overnight, many complaint-based websites have popped up, offering consumers the opportunity to give a negative review of a business. While hinged on good intention, many such services are causing headaches for many legit and honest businesses.

Remove Complaints Board represents companies affected by negative reviews on specific business review websites such as, Yelp and Aiming to completely to clean clients' reputation online, the company is backed by experts and partnered attorneys who have the ability to remove complaints and negative information rather than just burying or suppressing it.

"What sets us apart is that we have more experience, key relationships, and do this at a lower cost without 'burying' the complaint. We get the content removed directly from the site," explained Roy Walker of Remove Complaints Board.

Remove Complaints Board sticks by its principle that removing the bad review is always better since it will never be found again. As such, the company strives to negotiate the removal of content from the business review sites based on pre-existing relationships with them. When no resolution with the offending site is reached, the company helps clients explore their legal options.

Detailing its services at, the team can remove complaints in as fast as one week and for a minimum cost of $500. For certain cases, the complaints removal process may take months, with rates highly dependent on the on the situation that will the company will assess for free.

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Online Internet Reputation Agency is an agency that offers reputation management and represents victims of online abuse, serving both individuals and companies affected by Internet slander and defamation. The agency fights for removal of the negative content, as opposed to merely burying and suppressing the issue.

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