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Remove Cybercrime Investigation Department and Federal Police AFP Virus with YooSecurity Services


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2012 -- YooSecurity, a security brand of the YooCare company, has just launched new services that will effectively remove two malicious viruses from computers. The company now has the ability to remove Police Cybercrime Investigation Department virus, and it can also remove Australian Federal Police Ukash virus.

These two viruses are variants of the Citadel Reveton Ransomware group, which, along with the Citadel platform is “policing” the world’s computers looking for imaginary issues. For example, the FBI MoneyPak virus extorts $100 or $200 fine from people in order to unlock their computer.

These virus variants, which are also classified as Police Trojan, are locking people out of their computers while showing a lock-screen warning message from a law enforcement agency that the computer’s user has allegedly been involved in a criminal activity. In order to get their computers working again, the virus will demand a fee like the one mentioned above—threatening to prosecute the computer’s owner if they cannot make the needed payment through a prepaid money card service.

Other forms of this malicious virus include the West Yorkshire Police Ukash virus, Metropolitan Police (PCEU) Ukash virus, Canadian Police Association virus, and Interpol Department of Cybercrime Ukash/Paysafecard virus.

“Citadel Reveton Ransomware variants leverage various elements of scareware to coax the victims into paying the required fines within 48 hours,” an article on the company’s website said, adding that the scam page and payment services are localized by the geographic location of the user’s IP address.

“Citadel Reveton Ransomware variants also show footage from a victim’s webcam if available to deliver the impression the victim is being recorded by the national police or investigatory agencies; it shows your specific IPs and uses bogus message stating the victim has been identified by the law enforcements, like the FBI or the Department of Justice’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, and has violated illegal online activities.”

These threats are understandably very upsetting to computer owners; even though they know they did not do anything wrong, it is stressful to have a locked up computer while facing demands for money.

This is where YooCare and YooSecurity’s new service comes into play. YooCare offers its customers complete 24/7 online computer care services that will eradicate these viruses. The company also offers unlimited tech support requests, around the clock and on-demand professional services, and support for Windows and Mac PCs and mobile devices.

In addition to the family of Citadel Reveton Ransomware viruses, the knowledgeable staff at YooCare is also able to help clients whose computers have been infected with a variety of other known viruses. These include the File Recovery virus, Babylon Toolbar and “Search the web (Babylon)” virus, and the Data Recovery, S.M.A.R.T. HDD, Repair and Check virus.

About YooCare
YooCare is a company that was founded in Colorado. The company also has service centers located in Korea and China. YooCare provides complete computer care services 24/7 online to protect their clients’ computers from security threats, fix PC problems and maintain their computers in a healthy status. YooSecurity, a security brand of YooCare, is an online security company specializing in virus, spyware and malware removal services and system optimization and maintenance. For more information, please visit http://www.yoocare.com