Removing the Myths Shrouding Islamic Polygamy Points Out Islamic Polygamy Is More Humane


Dubai, AE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 --, a new Tech Startup, intends to clear the false myths surrounding the Islamic Polygamy. They agree that this is a sensitive topic but they emphatically say that the topic affords a lot of scope and opportunity for economic as well as moral upliftment. admits that in almost all countries, a traditional marriage will involve only one man and one woman. In a few countries, marrying two men or two women is allowed but one man marrying multiple women is uncommon. points out how in UK and certain other countries, if a married person marries another individual, it is considered not only as bigamy but as a criminal offence that may result in imprisonment of the person.

But an in-depth study of many of the successful marriages reveals that a married person may have married another individual also. But such marriages are unlawful and they are just relationships. The partners involved may take the roles as well as responsibilities that come with a marriage but these marriages are not authenticated by certificates.

On the contrary, Islam permits polygamy. According to the Quran, “...marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear you shall not be able to deal justly with them, then only marry one.” – [Quran 4:3]. History is replete with a number of instances in which people belonging to various religions have indulged in polygamous relationships. Classic examples are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon and Muhammad. Second Wife therefore wonders why Islamic Polygamy is considered a taboo. The globe has shrunk, thanks to the advent of the Internet and so, people belonging to various cultures and values are confronted with blurred and confusing ideas. They are unable to judge what is acceptable and what should be shunned.

It is not Islam that invented polygamy. The good thing is what is advocated by Islam has made polygamy more humane because it bestows equal rights upon each wife. History reveals that polygamy was prevalent even in ancient Greece and it became a taboo only when the Roman Catholic Church introduced rules like marrying more than one individual was a taboo. But the fact is the fashion of having multiple lovers prevails even in today's context. adds that their intention is to create a platform for practicing Muslims who have a notion that polygamy is honorable. But Islam retains strict guidelines for both men and women to ensure high standards of modesty. Islam clearly shows the distinction between the illegal matrimonial polygamy and the legal Islamic polygamy. According to Islam, there will be a ceremony for the second and subsequent marriages but they will not involve any legal signings or certificates.

Islam firmly believes that polygamy may not stand the test of time. But the commitment in such Islamic marriages is certainly better than having multiple mistresses because the latter is sure to result in destroyed families and broken homes, leaving many children in lurch.

About is a new tech startup that intends to remove the myths surrounding Islamic Polygamy. They put forth several valid arguments that shatter the criticisms against the so-called taboo called Polygamy in Islam. They urge people to sign up on their web page to have the right perspective on the topic.

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