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Remy Capillus Introduces New Blog Site to Inform Customers on Industry-Related News


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Remy Capillus, the leading manufacturer of human hair extensions, is pleased to introduce their new blog site that will inform customers on the latest industry-related news. Now, more than ever, online visitors are using the top search engines to look for blogs that share news stories, “how-to” guides, informative articles and personal experience journals that help inform customers on a specific brand, product, or service. Remy Capillus understands the impact blogs have had on the online community, which is why the company will be releasing weekly blogs through their Wordpress site. Online users can visit their blogs for the most up-to-date industry-related news anytime by visiting

“Along with updating our website to make it more user-friendly, we will also be posting new blogs, giving customers more information on hair extensions than ever before,” Remy Capillus President, Mark Yudell, stated. “The new blog site allows Remy Capillus to stay ahead of the competition by giving customers new web-related content about hair extensions they can trust,” Yudell added. “This makes us the authority in the industry.”

In one of the most recent posts into the world of Remy Capillus, the author of the blog answers some very important questions when it comes to paying for authentic Virgin Remy hair extensions. The author warns readers of the blog that many suppliers of hair extensions do not know what treatment the hair they are selling has gone under before reaching the point of sale. Another topic brought up in the blog is how people can tell if the hair extensions they purchased is real Remy hair. One customer brought up the fact that the Remy hair she bought only lasted 4-6 weeks. It turned out that she had not purchased real Remy hair extensions. If the hair extensions a customer purchases lasts only 4-6 weeks, then it means that the hair began as non-Remy, and had to have its cuticles stripped in order for it to avoid becoming tangled.

Along with the new blog posts, customers can ‘like’ Remy Capillus on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Through each platform, customers will never have to wait for an answer again. Customers can feel free to leave a comment on the blog, message the company through Facebook, or send a tweet at any time of day. A friendly customer service representative will gladly answer all questions or concerns.

About Remy Capillus
Remy Capillus is a family owned and run U.S. manufacturer of 100% ethically sourced and manufactured human hair extensions based in Philadelphia. The company’s hair specialists utilize a manufacturing process that ensures both the quality and consistency of their extensions while providing customer service that is second to none in their industry. Making a positive impact on the national hair extension community, Remy Capillus ships hair extensions to Atlanta, New York and other major cities throughout the country.

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