Remy Capillus

Remy Capillus Now Offering 12-Month Warranty and Free Shipping for All Purchases


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- Remy Capillus is a company that stands behind their products, which is why they are excited to announce they now offer a 12-month warranty and free shipping on all quality hair extensions. Everyone has gone through the terrible experience of trusting a company that claims they offer a satisfaction guarantee. Then, when something goes wrong a few weeks later, customers are told their window of opportunity to return or exchange the product (only if it hasn’t been used) is closed. Now, customers who are looking for quality hair extensions never have to worry about this again because Remy Capillus offers an extensive warranty on their products, proving that they are the go-to company for hair extensions.

Remy Capillus is the only company in the hair extension industry that offers a warranty on their extensions. The company is able to offer an extensive warranty because they have complete manufacturing control on their products. They also control the source of the hair and understand what their products are capable of. A customer of Remy Capillus hair extensions will not get a promise from the company, unless it is absolutely true. Customers can expect the same kind of warranty that they would get on expensive electronics or automobiles. If something should go wrong, they should have the freedom to have their problem solved.

This willingness to back their products with a warranty is why Remy Capillus has become the most reliable name for real hair extensions on the market today. Whether a customer has a complaint about tangling or shedding of their hair extensions, Remy Capillus will replace them for free.

About Remy Capillus
Remy Capillus is a family owned and run U.S. manufacturer of 100% ethically sourced and manufactured human hair extensions based in Philadelphia. The company’s hair specialists utilize a manufacturing process that ensures both the quality and consistency of their extensions while providing customer service that is second to none in their industry. Making a positive impact on the national hair extension community, Remy Capillus ships hair extensions to Atlanta, New York and other major cities throughout the country.

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