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Remy Capillus Now Offering Variety of Remy Hair Extension Collections for Women Returning to School This Fall


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- Remy Capillus, a family-owned and operated U.S. manufacturer of human hair extensions, is pleased to announce they are now offering a variety of Remy hair extension collections for women returning to school this fall. For many students in high school, college, or graduate school, the fall season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Many of the stresses involved with going back to school can fall to the waist side, because women can now walk on campus on the first day of class, with a new, exciting, confident look. Women can treat themselves to a brand new hair style by using hair extensions from Remy Capillus. Not only will hair extensions give women a fresh look for the beginning of school but they will also give them a newfound confidence. Remy Capillus offers several options for giving women the perfect style for back-to-school season.

Students can become fashion idols on campus by wearing Remy Capillus ProLine extensions. This naturally vibrant hair product is soft easy to look at and soft to touch, making it easy for other students on campus to be attracted to women wearing them. One of the benefits to choosing this line of hair extensions is that the proprietary process involved avoids the use of harsh chemicals. Not only will customers who purchase these hair extensions will be keeping themselves safe, but they will be keeping the environment safe as well.

Women students can also purchase RC Pure hair extensions. Customers who purchase these hair extensions will have everyone in class admiring their style, and will be running their fingers through their soft head of hair. Women who choose to wear these hair extensions will be giving themselves a luxurious look that will keep everyone talking until the end of the school year.

To purchase hair extensions for the school year, please visit the website or call 855-676-HAIR (4247) for more information on the products available. Stand out this year, by choosing Remy Capillus for 100% virgin Remy Indian hair.

About Remy Capillus
Remy Capillus is a family owned and run U.S. manufacturer of 100% ethically sourced and manufactured human hair extensions based in Philadelphia. The company’s hair specialists utilize a manufacturing process that ensures both the quality and consistency of their extensions while providing customer service that is second to none in their industry. Making a positive impact on the national hair extension community, Remy Capillus ships hair extensions to Atlanta, New York and other major cities throughout the country.

People interested in Remy wholesale hair extensions should visit for further information.