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Remy Capillus Offers the Most Natural Look for Virgin Hair Extensions


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2016 -- Women searching for the right hair extensions prize qualities like texture, color and longevity when choosing their preferred brand. One of the most important deciding factors is a natural appearance, which entails that extensions be soft, lustrous and healthy-looking. Remy Capillus, a premier provider of real human hair extensions to individual customers and salons, ensures that its hair extensions retain their natural look through a careful sourcing and selection process.

The beautifully natural look of Remy Capillus extensions starts at the source. All of the human hair used in Remy Capillus products like RC ProLine and HeavenlyLengths is ethically purchased from Hindu temples in India, where devotees offer their hair in a religious ceremony. It is required that donors never cut, dye or treat their hair with heat and chemicals, thus securing the quality and longevity of Remy Capillus extensions from the start.

During the selection process, hair is carefully sorted to preserve its natural appearance. Typically, two methods of hair selection exist: Single-drawn hair consists of a bundle of hair that has been cut off as a single ponytail. Bundles of single-drawn hair contain hairs of naturally varying lengths, including hair that is significantly shorter than the rest of the hair in the bundle. On the other hand, double-drawn hair has been sorted to include hair of a single, uniform length. Both methods of sorting have their advantages, which is why Remy Capillus combines both methods by carefully selecting hair of a uniform length for a full look, while including shorter strands of hair to preserve a natural appearance. Furthermore, Remy Capillus ensures that its straight, curly and wavy hair extensions contain only monodirectional cuticles and no inverted cuticles, which can contribute to a matte or ragged appearance.

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About Remy Capillus
Remy Capillus is a family owned and operated U.S. manufacturer of 100% ethically sourced and manufactured human hair extensions based in Philadelphia. The company's hair specialists utilize a manufacturing process that ensures both the quality and consistency of their extensions while providing customer service that is second to none in their industry. Making a positive impact on the national hair extension community, Remy Capillus ships hair extensions to Atlanta, New York and other major cities throughout the country.

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