Renal Diet Foods to Eat and Avoid: New Renal Disease EBook Explains

The renal diet is designed to specifically help people suffering from chronic renal diseases. The diet has been developed to help restore kidney function and repair the damages due to toxin build-up in the body.


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- The renal diet has been the new and popular alternative to kidney disease treatment for many people over the last 100 years but not commonly known of in America. The diet is an all-natural option, which is making it the success that it is. There has been a constant scrutiny of the various treatment options available for kidney diseases. Most doctors agree that they have to fall back on dialysis or ultimately kidney transplant as their final options.

Dialysis requires the process of fistula which is a tube placed in the patient’s chest or arm which serves as a giant vein for the many needles for the dialysis machine to work. Dialysis can also get quite stressful for the heart and the patient might, over time, start feeling weak and overly tired. The process is supposed to clear out the unwanted toxins from the patient’s body. However, with time the effect starts dropping and the frequency of dialysis starts increasing for the patient.

Kidney transplant requires many legal steps before you can go through with the process. You also have to wait for a correct cross donor match and then go through a whole host of treatments before you are ready for the procedure. After the procedure doctors provide immune suppressants and various anti rejection medicines to the patient to help, the body accept the foreign organ. However, even after such strenuous measures, many recipients still reject the kidney and might have to be put on dialysis yet again.

The renal disease eBook discusses the various ways that the kidney disease affects the systems of your body. It is even confirmed by doctors that polycystic kidney disorder or any form of renal disorder might be controlled with a strict diet regimen. The eBook expounds on the best renal diet foods and the best time to take them. You will get a 14-day menu plan, which is carefully constructed, for renal disorder patients.

The book also has information on how to use the diet to turn back your kidney’s condition. Many patients have successfully used the diet with a few prescribed herbal supplements to help restore their kidney function almost to normal. The diet works on the disease even at the most advanced stages.

Apart from the eBook on the all-natural renal disease diet, you can also find information and books on the effect of particular nutrients such as potassium and protein in your diet. You will be able to go through a list of thousands of foods and their nutritional content with regards to a kidney disorder patient. This will give you a better perspective on what you should eat and should avoid to help your kidney regain the lost balance of minerals and nutrition.

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