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Rene Toman Encourages Working with Local Agents over Others


League City, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Rene Toman Insurance Agency encourages people to look for local agents who are equipped with the knowledge of knowing what coverage is needed for a particular insurance.

Rene Toman’s expertise for over 26 years has paved the way for his credibility in advising people the right way of owning insurance. Recently, he advised the public of working with local agents for various reasons. In his official website, he said, “A local agency is also a better option for anyone seeking to take advantage of special insurance discounts that are available; at the Rene Toman Insurance Agency, we are very familiar with the discount options available, not only to Galveston-area customers, but customers throughout the state.”

He particularly pertains to the residents of Texas to include windstorm insurance in their homeowners insurance. The windstorm insurance is a special type of insurance that protects the policy holders from natural catastrophes caused by windstorms.

When asked why he recommended local agents over other ones. He said, “That is a question that is often asked of our Galveston insurance agency. Here is the answer: Out of state insurers are simply not the best option, because they are unfamiliar with the coverage that Texas residents need. For example, windstorm insurance is important for all Texas homeowners, as is flood insurance. It takes a local insurance agency to understand the unique needs of residents in our area.”

With that, he developed a customized plan that will determine the kind of insurance that Texan residents need. Together with his team of insurance planners, they offer insurance plans for automobiles and other vehicles, including motorcycles, trailers, RBs, and 4-wheelers. They also provide better ways of offering home and property for both homeowners and renters – either for single family homes or condos. Also, they provide family insurance needs including the terms, universal, and whole life practices.

The agency promises, “There are literally dozens of insurance coverage options choose from, including custom and semi-custom policies that are designed for the unique needs of each policy holder. Rather than placing the burden on the customer to decide what policies are best, our agents simply ask what the coverage needs are, then get to work on locating the policy options that are best for that customer.” To know more about Rene Toman and get a free quote, visit his official website at http://www.houstonautoandhomeinsurance.com/.