Rene Toman Insurance Agency Offers Dozens of Insurance Coverage Options to Choose From


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- Rene Toman Insurance Agency, known for its insurance services in Galveston, offers dozen of insurance coverage options for both auto as well as home insurance services.

There are literally dozens of insurance coverage options to choose from, including custom and semi-custom policies that are designed for the unique needs of each policyholder.

The company’s Galveston Home Insurance agents detail all the insurance options themselves, rather than placing the burden on the customer to decide what policies are best, and they make sure they understand the client’s requirements before suggesting any policy.

One of the representatives at The Rene Toman Insurance Agency, while highlighting their insurance program, stated, “For over 26 years we have provided affordable, reliable insurance to the community of League City and its surrounding areas. Our independent insurance agency is comprised of a knowledgeable staff with extensive industry experience; they can provide a one-stop shopping resource for all your insurance coverage needs, including automobile, home, windstorm, flood, renters and life insurance policies.”

The company’s Houston Auto Insurance provides and covers a wide variety of automobiles from truck to vans; they have policies for all kinds of automobiles. At Rene Toman Insurance Agency, they are known for their customized auto insurance plans and tailor-made policies, created according to the driver’s claims history and insurance calculations and formula differences.

The company is also known to offer timely discounts and freebies like multi-policy discounts, safe driver discounts, senior discounts and more. At Rene Toman Insurance Agency, they also give car insurance discounts to those who have filed no claims for a certain period of time.

About Rene Toman Insurance Agency
The Rene Toman Insurance Agency has serviced insurance customers of the Galveston area for more than a quarter century. Throughout that time, the agency's independent insurance agency has remained committed to providing local residents with affordable and dependable coverage options that effectively meet their needs. Whether one is a homeowner or a renter, an automobile owner with or without recreational vehicles, and a parent or a spouse, he/she is bound to be pleased with the innovative insurance policy options this agency can offer.

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