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Renew Medical Spa and Wellness Offers CoolSculpting to People Throughout Philadelphia


Glenolden, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2017 -- As people throughout Pennsylvania get ready for bathing suit season, Renew Medical Spa and Wellness would like them to know about their CoolSculpting procedure. This procedure can help those who are looking to remove the unwanted and stubborn areas of fat on their body that they just can't seem to get rid of. Even when eating healthy and exercising doesn't seem to be doing enough, the CoolSculpting procedure, which serves people in Springfield, PA, and other local areas, can help people reduce fat to look and feel healthier.

CoolSculpting has become more popular in recent years for many reasons. Renew Medical Spa and Wellness is taking advantage of that increase in popularity by offering CoolSculpting to patients in Philadelphia, Glenolden, PA, and the surrounding areas. Some of the reasons why this procedure has been taking off in popularity include that there is no need for surgery, it doesn't require needles or anesthesia, it produces results after only a few visits, and it focuses on sculpting the body according to the patient's wishes.

Cleared by the FDA, CoolSculpting is a safe treatment that provides many benefits. The procedure targets fat cells underneath the skin and uses a controlled cooling method to effectively target and dispose of the excess cells naturally. Removing fat cells helps eliminate frustrating fat bulges, which helps people fit better into their clothes and allows them to feel happier about their appearance. Renew Medical Spa and Wellness has two CoolSculpting machines to help target two areas at once.

To receive a free consultation about the CoolSculpting procedure, contact Renew Medical Spa and Wellness at 1-844-RENEW-32.

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Renew Medical Spa & Wellness focuses on the health and appearance of their patients. They understand that when someone looks good, it helps them feel good. This professional aesthetics medical spa offers the best non-surgical solutions and treatments for those looking to remove excess fat or restore their appearance. Their services include CoolSculpting, dermal fillers, Botox treatments, and more.

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