Renewable Carbon Management Launches Equity Crowdfunding for New Subsidiary NaturSoil California

Patented method positioned to deliver secure organic waste disposal in compliance with California environmental laws at higher capacity and lower cost.


Saint Cloud, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2018 -- Healthy soils are essential to healthy plants, animals, and humans. Renewable Carbon Management (RCM) technology is designed by operators for operators, elegant in its simplicity. They produce up to 4% nitrogen-rich bio-fertilizer using an internationally patented methodology. Such high nitrogen density makes the RCM composting solution suitable for large scale agricultural operations in addition to every other segment of the fertilizer market.

RCM has lined up and is ready to deploy all of the resources necessary to launch a large-scale operation of their own in California. This strategic move puts NaturSoil California at the right place and the right time. That's because California law mandates that 23 million tons per year must be diverted as of the year 2025 which puts the company California in prime position to capitalize on this requirement to the benefit of all concerned.

Key investor highlights concerning this technology include:

1 Approved by U.S. Navy Engineering for use in all federal installations.
2 Two NaturTech facilities won SWANA awards.
3 Internationally patented technology.
4 Technology operating since 1992.
5 Significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and protects water quality.
6 Orange County alone needs to divert 3,000 tons a day of organics.
7 California needs to divert 23 million tons a year from landfills by 2025.
8 Meets all California air & water quality laws.

The Business Model

Utilizing existing intermodal shipping containers, modifying them to implement their patented technology to transform organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Internal forecasts point to 600 tons per day of organic material being generated in California through their recycling process. This would position NaturSoil California as an environmental utility ensuring the protection of public health, air, water, and soil while complying with state law in a very profitable, cost-efficient manner.

Not resting on their real-world results dating back some forty years, respected scholars have recognized the tremendous value NaturSoil California promises….

"Jim [the founder] has shown me to be an astute observer of biological systems and very knowledgeable of the science and engineering of the composting process. His use of air control and temperature feedback in his composting system designs is a direct result of research I and others conducted in the 1980s designed to optimize the rate of decomposition in the composting process and mitigate nuisances and common problems seen in the composting industry such as delayed or partial decomposition and foul odors." - Melvin S. Finstein, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Environmental Science, Rutgers University

The minimum investment is very modest and enables nearly everyone to participate in next-generation ecological and environmental protection while delivering productive output that everyone can benefit from.

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