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Renewable Energy Targets Will Require Federal Support for Infrastructure Projects


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2021 -- The Biden Administration has set some ambitious targets when it comes to renewable energy engineering projects and using clean energy to reduce environmental impact. Electric vehicles are going to be a particularly important part of shifting the US onto greener territory and the objective of EVs making up 50% of new car sales by 2030 is an ambitious one. While many car makers have got on board with this, entering into non-binding agreements to increase the number of EVs sold there are other considerations too. Charging networks for example represent one of the most significant barriers to achieving these goals and a sizable logistics challenge. Recent analysis has identified that the country will need at least 1.03 million new charging stations if it is going to be able to meet the goal set by the Biden Administration where EVs are concerned. That's a goal that can't just be achieved by private companies building stations, it will require federal support and resources too.

As a leading specialist recruiter to the engineering and infrastructure industry, LVI Associates has one finger on the pulse of the challenges facing renewable energy engineering projects of all kinds. Hiring is crucial to ensuring that the clean energy sector has the resources and expertise required to continue to grow - and to meet the targets being set by government. Renewable energy is one area of recruitment where LVI Associates has considerable experience. The firm also works in many other fields across infrastructure and engineering, including forensics, power, building services, construction and transportation. Recognizing that every enterprise has different needs, the firm uses a combination of permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions to tailor an individual recruitment response for each. A database of more than a million mid-to-senior professionals and contacts at businesses across renewable energy engineering projects - as well as other areas of engineering and infrastructure - ensure the right connections can be made.

LVI Associates is a firm with broad reach in the USA, including in major hubs for engineering and infrastructure, such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Charlotte, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The firm has also been a pioneer in recruiting for renewable energy and engineering projects - and other innovative and burgeoning areas - on an international level too. Today, as part of the Phaidon International group, the firm is the go-to recruitment partner for hundreds of industry-leading enterprises on a global scale. LVI Associates is one organization that truly understands the value of people to progress and so it's no surprise that the firm invests heavily in its own team. Consultants not only receive regular ongoing training but are supplied with best-in-class technology and strategies as working tools too. There are currently many different roles available via LVI Associates today, including: Healthcare Architect, Project Manager, Senior Estimator, AV Division Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Regional Manager [Land Development] and Electrical Engineer.

"Like many sectors, 2020 marked a defining moment for recruitment. Challenged by uncertainty, but unwavering in our commitment to our clients, we enter 2021 with a sense of duty to clients and candidates", commented Kieran Behan, Managing Director at LVI Associates. He went on to say, "as we reflect on the challenges of virtually securing and retaining talent, we're inspired by a team who have demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and continue to help all our clients secure top talent on a global scale."

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