Renkang Hospital a Leader in Alternative Cancer Therapies Treatment Center Reports Recent Success with Sono Photodynamic Therapy


Dongguan, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2016 -- Renkang Hospital, Kanghua Group, is recognized for its work with cancer prevention, cure and care. One outstanding example is a recent success with Sono Photodynamic Therapy (SPDT), a whole body therapy capable of treating deep seated, widespread tumor including metastatic diseases. SPDT is not only effective with localized tumors, but treating whole body by making use of chlorophyll-based sensitizers from non-toxic plants with very minor side effects. The treatment is a new generation of anti-tumor technology developed from Photodynamic (PDT) which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the 1970s.

One of the hospital's current SPDT case history successes involves a young man named Felix who left his home country of Vietnam to settle in Melbourne, Australia. He found his life partner, had a beautiful daughter and made progress in his career only to be diagnosed with terminal gastric cancer with only three months to live. He did what he could to change his diet and try other kinds of health care, but by August 2015 he could no longer walk or eat. Local doctors could only offer him chemo and said prolong 2-4 months if lucky. Then a doctor in Melbourne told him about SPDT and the work being done at Renkang Hospital. He knew he had to try that and went to Renkang as quickly as possible. After two rounds of treatment his tumor markers fell and he had improved so much he was able to run an hour a day. More importantly, his three-month life deadline had passed. The hospital recommended two more courses of treatment. They have been completed and now Felix's tumor lesions have disappeared.

About Renkang Hospital
In addition to its work with SPDT, the Alternative Cancer Treatment Center at Renkang Hospital is known internationally for its procedures for fighting all types of cancer. These include Chinese Herbal Therapy, Immune Therapy, Hyperthermia and other advanced cancer treatment technologies. The primary goal at Renkang Hospital is to reduce the tumor, control its growth or considerably prolong life through non-toxic cancer treatment.

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