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Reno Criminal Lawyer Dennis A. Cameron Has Received the Attorney Guide Ethical Certification.

Reno criminal lawyer Dennis A. Cameron is the nest member of the Attorney Guide legal family.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Reno Criminal Lawyer Dennis A. Cameron has received a complete ethical certification from Attorney Guide. This makes Dennis A. Cameron the newest member of the Attorney Guide legal family. This complete ethical certification and membership on the Attorney Guide legal team means that Dennis is easy to find in the searchable registry. More importantly, it means that Attorney Guide has carefully vetted Dennis to ensure that he has had no ethical rule violations with any bar association he has been admitted to. It also ensures Dennis has verifiable courtroom experience and positive client feedback. The ethical certification process goes one step further to guarantee that Dennis A. Cameron works in strict compliance with Nevada State Bar rule RP7, which governs truthful advertising. Attorney Guide works to provide ethical legal representation to Nevadans all over the state with this careful certification process, and works to re-affirm it every sixty days or less.

Dennis A. Cameron is a new addition to the Attorney Guide legal family but has considerable experience as a Reno criminal lawyer. Dennis has practiced criminal law in Nevada since 1987. Dennis A. Cameron is an expert with drug defense and drug trafficking law in state and federal courts, due to his extensive experience as an agent with the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration. David was has also spent time as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney in the District of Nevada. Beyond drug and drug trafficking law Dennis A. Cameron provides legal counsel for cases involving drunk driving, domestic battery and can offer legal advice for all federal crimes. Dennis A. Cameron provides an outstanding addition to the Attorney Guide legal family and can be located when searching for a Reno criminal lawyer.

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