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Reno Education Lawyer Robert Kilby Tackles Difficult Cases and Works Tirelessly to Protect Special Needs Students

The Law Office of Robert Kilby does not shy away from difficult education and ADA related cases.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Reno education lawyer Robert Kilby has extensive experience in assisting students with special needs and American Disabilities Act (ADA) related requirements. The Law Office of Robert Kilby has spent countless hours in and out of the courtroom protecting students’ rights and ensuring that persons with ADA protections receive quality legal advice. Robert Kilby has worked for over a decade to ensure that Reno and Washoe county residents with special are protected against abuses by individuals and larger system related issues. Robert Kilby offers a thorough and understanding legal service that ADA related clients find to be a friendly and reassuring. Robert has lectured on the requirements and rights of special needs students and students who over covered under the blanket ADA related law.

When sensitive, difficult or disturbing legal cases require a specialized hand, Reno education lawyer Robert Kilby is available. Robert has no qualms offering the same quality legal aid, no matter how difficult or unseemly the case. Robert Kilby is passionate about providing Nevadans with a legal recourse, especially Nevadans that require extra protections under the law. Robert is currently representing two of children with special needs that were allegedly abused by an instructional aide in Fallon, NV. Robert is dedicated to ensuring these kids, as well other children with special needs and ADA related requirements and their family receive the legal help they need. While some legal battles are too troublesome for other attorneys, the Law Office of Robert Kilby fights tirelessly for special needs and ADA clients.

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