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Reno Family Lawyer Rodney E. Sumpter Is an Ethically Certified Member of the Attorney Guide Family

Information on newly ethically certified Attorney Guide member, Reno family lawyer Rodney E. Sumpter.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Reno family lawyer Rodney E. Sumpter has been fully ethically certified and is now an Attorney Guide member in full standing. Rodney has practiced family law for Reno area residents for over 30 years. After receiving his Juris Doctor in 1980, Mr. Sumpter passed the Nevada state bar and was admitted to practice law in all State of Nevada courts. Rodney E. Sumpter has been a sole practitioner since 1986 at his Reno practice. In addition to the legal services and council that he provides Reno families, Mr. Sumpter has been the speaker at various programs that educate attorneys on the areas of family law, child custody and debt collection. Rodney E. Sumpter is a long time Nevada resident; initially Mr. Sumpter received his first degree from the University of Nevada-Reno. As a family lawyer, Mr. Sumpter works to maintain as close a relationship with his clients. This allows him to understand their legal needs and requirements.

Rodney E. Sumpter has recently been fully ethically certified by Attorney Guide. This adds Mr. Sumpter to the ranks of easily searchable legal representation on the Attorney Guide website. The ethical certification provided by Attorney Guide ensures that there are no negative ethical judgments on Mr. Sumpter’s standing with the Nevada Bar Association. It also ensures that each certified lawyer is experienced, has received positive feedback from clients and adheres to strict truth in advertising guidelines. As a member of the Attorney Guide family, Reno family lawyer Rodney E. Sumpter is easy to find on the Attorney Guide searchable database.

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