Renowned Australian Relationship Expert Launches New Website


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- It seems that in today’s society, a happy and fulfilling relationship is hard to come by, and sadly, many will end their relationships before making attempts to amend them. A professional relationship counselor is often necessary to save a relationship.

“I hear all the time about couples who feel they cannot get along. This is a shame, because many problems can be resolved with just a little more time and nurturing,” says Yvonne Allen, relationship consultant.

Allen is one of Australia’s leading human relations consultants and matchmakers. With a background in psychology, she is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and media commentator in the relationship and dating fields.

Working in the industry for more than 35 years, Allen has been in a position to witness dramatic changes in our expectations as men and women living and loving together.

Having worked with and helped thousands of singles and couples throughout her career, Allen has recently launched a new website in an effort to help even more people around the world find love and joy in their lives.

The new site, Yvonne Allen Relationship Mentor, features free relationship information, access to several of Allen’s bestselling books and seminar series, and links to reputable recommended resources.

The larger, more user-friendly site is now available with more information about Allen, her work and her upcoming events.

“It’s all about reaching people who would otherwise not have access to this potentially life-saving information. I want my visitors to be able to achieve their goals of better relationships, communication and love in general,” said Allen.

Whether one is single and wanting to attract a partner to share ones life, or just want to have a more fulfilling existing relationship, Allen says anyone can benefit from the breadth of information and services available on the Relationship Mentor website.

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About Yvonne Allen
Yvonne Allen is an author, public speaker, matchmaker and relations consultant. Over the many years, Yvonne has been recognized in Australia and abroad for the work of her consultancy and as one of Australia’s leading businesswomen. She offers services on and offline to assist men and women to achieve their relationship goals.

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