Renowned Indian Astrologer and Love Psychic Destined for London, UK

If you are experiencing some of life's invariable problems such as love, money, job and family matters, Indian psychic Gurujee has the power to help you through with his powerful methods.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- The world renowned Indian Astrologer and Love Psychic, Guruji, is poised to set up a London based consultation service after many of his dedicated followers requested he move from Birmingham to the capital.

It is thought the new office will be used by Guruji for private face-to-face consultations with people looking for help and advice about all manner of personal, relationship and work related problems. He will also have a dedicated phone line installed for people who are unable to visit his premises and who might prefer to consult him anonymously.

The highly regarded Vedic Astrologer is a popular figure worldwide with many clients from the US, UK and Europe, Canada, Africa, Australia and even Saudi Arabia. His predictions and consultations with many high profile celebrities has often attracted the attention of the media, which have profiled his character on Zee TV, Asianet-TV, BBC-Asianetwork (UK), XL Radio (Birmingham) and India Post Television USA.

His name began to circulate around many well known UK institutions and in 1995 Guruji was the guest of British Airways, and successfully hosted a road show at Heathrow, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester Airports, which helped raise his profile still further.

Guruji has been practicing his ancient craft since boyhood, having inherited the power of clairvoyance from his father, who also received the “gift” from his father before him. These mystical powers have been handed down over generations spanning almost 500 years, and have stoically stood the test of time.

In a recent interview Guruji said, “I have many loyal followers in London and so it’s only fair that I provide a means for them to see me personally and consult with me on their own territory. As always, I will strive to help as many people as I can with whatever problem they present me with. If their faith is strong they will find solace in my words and deeds.”

Guruji is often consulted about deep personal problems including relationship breakdowns and family feuds. One of his specialties is healing family rifts and mending broken love relations. He says that many of these awkward situations are simply based on mistrust and misunderstandings.

His reputation as a healer and love psychic are well known but sometimes he comes across more dark and sinister problems verging on the brink of evil and even immorality. However, he is well versed in all manner of black magic and is therefore well placed to deal with anything unworldly or otherwise.

Guruji is an Indian born mystic, who for many years has provided answers to everyday problems, removed negative thoughts and emotions, brought about physical reunions and offered comfort and relief from psychological pain and disharmony. His many followers will bear witness to his power and magnificence, which has earned him the greatest respect and admiration of people from all walks of life.

For those who are unable to personally consult with him whether in London or in Birmingham, where he currently lives with his family, there are several other lines of communication open including email and telephone.

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