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Renowned Spanish Language Institute Offers Online Education with Live Native Teachers

The Spanish Institute of Puebla Brings Learning Spanish Home


Puebla, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2016 -- Spanish Institute of Puebla has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the premiere centers for learning the Spanish language in the Western Hemisphere. For those who desire mastery over all aspects the Spanish language – written, verbal and cultural – Spanish Institute of Puebla is a clear choice. However, while it is most known for its students coming to the beautiful town of Puebla to learn in an immersive style setting, it also realizes that taking the time to travel is simply not feasible for many individuals interested in learning Spanish. Perhaps they have family to take care of, a demanding career, or are interested in a learning experience that may be more within their financial means. Whatever the reason, Spanish Institute of Puebla makes it possible for quality education to occur.

Unlike many pre-programmed softwares or other online schools, Spanish Institute of Puebla's online school is very unique in the fact that it not only has live instructors but also that they are all native speakers. This alone truly reflects the school's firm commitment to an approach to language learning that builds on a strong foundation and – despite the lack of being face to face – makes the experience as real as possible.

To learn Spanish online with Spanish Institute of Puebla, all it takes is three simple things:

- Having a computer with internet access
- Having a few hours per week to dedicate to Spanish
- Signing up!

The classes are provided on an individual or group basis.

"While we believe firmly in an immersive learning setting, we still live in the real world and know travelling isn't always an option. As a result, we developed the next best thing – online learning – while still retaining a strong sense of integrity by providing excellent native teachers and a high quality curriculum," shared Spanish Institute of Puebla's Director Antonio Prado. "We know that use of the Spanish language grows more and more each day and we feel strongly about doing our part to ensure that the teaching of it is done by those who truly understand the language, its history, and – just as with every language that has ever been – the many nuances it carries with it."

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About The Spanish Institute of Puebla
The Spanish Institute of Puebla is a highly regarded Spanish language school that has provided an intensive Spanish immersion program in Mexico for over 30 years to students, professionals (from all fields) and seniors from more than 60 countries. All students learn from the outset to think and express themselves in Spanish as they participate in the institute's exceptional international award winning curriculum and wide variety of extracurricular activities. By participating in the institute's program, individuals will not just learn the Spanish language – they will live it!