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Renting Luxury and High-End Automobiles Is Easy Online

The rental of luxury and exotic automobiles online is a way to further a good impression.


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- It has long been debated if the car you drive really makes a difference in how you will be perceived by others in the corporate world. While some businesses look to streamline their fleet of cars, others make a point of adding high-end vehicles to their company as a measure of their ultimate success. When discussing this corporate transportation conundrum, the subject of finances can not be ignored.

Advocating the use of luxury and high-end automobiles to impress one's clientele is the approach taken by Robert Thomas. As founder of the e-commerce shopping website Tappocity, he personally favors Jaguars. "I use these sports cars to get around and transport any potential business investors while they're in town." Thomas additionally advocates, "Those lucky enough to be successful should drive a car that befits their financial state. For those who wish to give the impression of success to others, there can be no better way to show off one's financial prowess."

To meet the demands of the corporate world, Beverly hills rent-a-car of Newport Beach has made it easy for individuals and companies to be able to rent the high-end automobile they need for any occasion. Al Sheldon, a spokesperson for Beverly Hills rent-a-car of Newport Beach explains their mission this way, "While renting out a car like a Mercedes SLK 250 or Ferrari 458 Italia is far more expensive than the standard car rental, it is a true bargain compared with actually making a purchase of this type of automobile."

Mr. Sheldon continues, "We are able to rent foreign sports cars like these for as little as $199, to as much as $1,999 a day. Compare these daily rates to what you would have to pay to buy or lease them out and your savings begins to multiple exponentially. This also gives you the flexibility to rent a luxury automobile when you need to and for the exact length of time it will be in use."

When you need to hire a luxury automobile, renting one can make an indelible impression. Mr. Sheldon states, "Renting one of our line of luxury cars comes with a variable plethora of perks that standard car rental companies can simply not compete with. We offer chauffeur services and an airport corporate meet-and-greet service. This is just a taste of the millionaire lifestyle that can be obtained with an advance reservation."

Al Sheldon goes onto mention one of the newest and most exciting booking options that their luxury car rental agency has to offer its customers. He describes it this way, "We have just launched our new responsive website that makes it even easier for our customers to rent any of our cars from their mobile devices. Our reservation system is not only easier to use, but you have a chance to see all of the luxury, sports and exotic vehicles that we have to offer. This new and improved online system makes it a joy to rent a car for business, special occasions or even just for the thrill of driving a top automobile."

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Beverly Hills is the ultimate destination for luxury and quality. They pride themselves on being a provider of luxury and exotic car rentals serving Newport Beach. This company maintains an extensive fleet of exotic, vintage, classic and sports rental cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Maybach, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover and Cadillac. With their exceptional cars and unparalleled premium services, anyone can experience traveling in Beverly Hills style.