Renting the Veil

'Renting the Veil' Unravels on an Intriguing Journey

Readers rave about the engaging plot


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- ‘Renting the Veil’ is a “can’t-put-down” novel. It revolves around the plot of a successful businessman who loses his emotional grounding when his wife suddenly dies. The book is compelling and absorbing: an absolute must-read for those who seek thrill and intellectual stimulation.

The protagonist’s desperate need to connect with his wife, his belief that she is sending him messages, and the attendant responsibilities of raising three small children, while maintaining his law practice, push him into a quest to understand what he cannot. Each time he almost has firm footing, surrounding events loosen its hold. The plot is alive with strong dialogue and believable anecdotes anchoring the text. Its uncanny blend of literal and emotional truths lingers as one turns the pages.

The novel is indeed a unique mix of drama and emotions. It has already received amazing reviews on Amazon from readers with very different outlooks, who have all enjoyed the book and highly recommend it.

The plot and its brilliant parallel subplot, a valuable penny that changes hands throughout the story, intrigue and engage… and the ending is totally unexpected. You will become completely immersed in the main character’s emotional turmoil and his commitment to stay in touch with reality and you will laughout loud at his dealings with legal clients, while all the while he is fighting against time.

About A. Smith
The author, A. Smith, derives her inspiration from her life, a fun mix of experiences: working wildly different jobs, living in entirely different environments and befriending people with vastly different backgrounds and outlooks. Nor is her creativity limited by genre: she recently returned from backpacking through eleven countries and is presently writing a travel comedy. Author A. Smith has succeeded in bringing her passion for prose through ‘Renting the Veil.’ It is beautifully written and will strike a deep chord with you, whoever you are.

‘Renting the Veil ‘ is for readers who want a new tableau for their imagination. It is available in both paperback and ebook through Amazon. To know more, please visit

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