Joe Bragg Explains the Pros and Cons of Renting to Own a Vehicle


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Vehicle ownership is costly. Between maintenance, insurance, and financing, the cost of car ownership adds up very quickly. That’s why more and more drivers across America are choosing to rent to own vehicles.

Although many people have heard of renting to own a home, the concept of renting to own a car is unfamiliar to many people. wants to help consumers understand the advantages and disadvantages of renting to own a vehicle.

At the website, visitors will find detailed information about the rent-to-own process, including a basic explanation for beginners as well as details on how to save even more money when renting to own a vehicle.

A spokesperson for explained the basic idea behind rent to own cars:

“Today, more and more people are deciding to rent-to-own a vehicle. During this process, the driver signs a purchasing agreement with the rental agency. This purchasing agreement states that the driver will make payments in exchange for driving the vehicle. But instead of returning the vehicle at the end of the agreement, the driver gets to keep the car.”

Rent-to-own arrangements generally require a down payment as well as additional weekly or bi-weekly payments. Some rent-to-own vehicle companies also require drivers to show proof of income and proof of residence, although the exact terms are generally negotiable – especially when it comes to financing and leasing:

“When comparing vehicle financing and vehicle leasing rates with rent-to-own rates, it’s clear to see why renting to own a vehicle is becoming more popular. The money that drivers pay towards their vehicle goes towards the actual cost of the vehicle. Instead of watching their money disappear with no return on their investment, drivers own the car by the time the agreement is complete. They are effectively taking over car lease ownership, resulting in them owning the vehicle.””

Another important advantage of renting to own a vehicle is the fact that credit checks are rarely performed by car rental agencies. In fact, the credit bureau may never be contacted at all, making renting to own a viable alternative for those who cannot get low financing rates due to a poor credit score.

Those ready to learn the benefits of renting to own a vehicle can visit for more information. With guides, comparisons, and money-saving tips, the website aims to help any driver unlock the benefits of renting to own a vehicle.

About is an informational website which describes the benefits of renting to own a vehicle. Renting to own a vehicle generally involves a down payment and regular weekly or bi-weekly payments. But unlike a lease or rental car agreement, the driver gets to keep the vehicle at the termination of the agreement. For more information, please visit: