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Repair Your Credit the Easy Way - Mark Clayborne

Mark Clayborne is the CEO of Self Credit Repair Learning Center and has helped thousands of people in the country to repair their credit score and clear their financial standing in the market. His book ‘Hidden Credit Repair Secrets’ gives the readers step-by-step guidance in repairing their credit score effectively in no time.


Los Angeles, Califonia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- Credit score reflects the bankability of an individual in the market. However many lose their credit score unknowingly because they are not aware of how the system works. Due to this lack of knowledge, many of them end with low credit scores and lose a chance at owning a home or a vehicle. Nobody tells them how to improve credit score.

Mark Clayborne also had a very low credit score and was not eligible for any loans or services that required a good credit score. Determined to make up his credit score, he did extensive research and found things that most of the public are not aware of. He finally built his credit score back.

Now he has made it his mission to let people know the truth about building their credit score. The book ‘Hidden Credit Repair Secrets’ reveals a lot of information that the public does not know about the credit system. One chapter titled: ‘48 ways to raise your credit score’ from the book can be downloaded free now.

Some of the book features are:-
- An easy step-by-step 12 - letter campaign to challenge any inaccurate information.
- A comprehensive understanding of how to remove judgments, collections and charge-offs.
- Step-by-step instructions on how to raise the credit score fast and get into own home.

About Mark Clayborne
Mark is the best-selling author of the book –Hidden Credit Repair Secrets available at Amazon.com. He is also a certified credit consultant, FICO Pro Expert and proven writer with over 100 articles written in the area of credit repair. Get Your Kindle or Android Version of the book by Clicking Here.

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