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RepairSharks.com Offers Quick, Affordable Repairs for Smartphones and Gaming Consoles


Mineola, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2012 -- In today’s technologically driven world, it seems everyone is permanently attached to their computers, tablets, smartphones and portable music players. Whether checking email, reading the latest news headlines or playing a game, staying connected has become society’s accepted norm.

So when something happens to one of a person’s electronic devices, it can seem devastating.

As the leading repair provider for iPhones, iPads, Xbox 360s, iTouches, iPods, Androids and other gaming consoles, RepairSharks.com is receiving praise from past customers for quickly and cost-effectively fixing their essential items. Featuring quality repairs for an affordable price, RepairSharks.com offers a host of services from glass replacement to complete water damage repair on most devices. The iPhone repair service provides free diagnostics, warranty and return shipping on repairs and strives to maintain their core values of honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction.

Anyone who has ever damaged their smartphone knows it can make them feel completely disconnected and out of sorts so the quicker they can get their device back, the better.

RepairSharks.com specializes in iPhone repair and Android repair and offers the best all-around repair and parts solutions for out-of-warranty or non-warranty services. The company understands the importance of offering a quick turnaround time and touts their ability to get devices working in just a few days.

In addition to smartphone repairs, anyone experiencing issues with their game console, including Xbox 360, Wii and PS3, can trust RepairSharks.com to diagnose the problem and get them playing again soon.

Jimmy, a past client, said RepairSharks.com helped with their Xbox 360 repair and made it a very easy process.

“RepairSharks.com did a great job on my Xbox 360,” said Jimmy. “I thought my Xbox was done after I got the red ring of death. I have had it for a month and it works like it’s brand new. Thanks guys, your the best!”

For people who enjoy fixing products themselves, RepairSharks.com offers a host of iPod Touch repair and self-replacement parts including iPod and iPhone batteries, LCDs, iPod and iPhone headphone jacks, iPod Touch and iPhone front glass and digitizers, iPod 1st through 7th generation hard drives, clickwheels, logic boards, faceplates, back plates, home buttons, and more.

The company stands behind their work offering free diagnostics, free insured return shipping, and the peace of mind of a 60-day standard warranty on all iPod, iPhone, iTouch, Android, Xbox 360, iPad repairs.

For more information, visit http://www.RepairSharks.com

About RepairSharks.com
In business since 2006, Repair Sharks is an industry leader in iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox 360 repair and more. The company services all issues and models from the original Nano 1st Generation to newer devices like the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, and new Android-based smartphones. Having helped thousands of customers with their devices, the family-owned and operated business employs local technicians that are trained and experienced with all model smartphones and portable devices.